30 KG’S, Sit Up Straight and God’s Gym

I did a weights class in the gym last night. Now I don’t do heavy weights – hurt my shoulder a couple of years ago, had a big horse type injection and have protected that area by building muscle around it since. But Shaun’s idea (he’s the coach) was a ‘One Rep’ chest press station as part of the circuit. So I tried a 30 Kilogram on each arm weight for the chest press – and did seven reps!!! Yay. Then Matt (one of the other coaches) did sixteen reps –  just to keep me humble.

But, as I go on the DOI Tour, I’m reminded that Andy Peters coached me and I was lifting ten kilos a few years ago. So, getting better. And yes guys I know 30Kg isn’t that much for you but for me it is… Next, 34 kgs are calling.

Got coaching of a different sort from Ron (my tailor) Gunn. Get the tie sorted so it doesn’t come loose, tie pin higher so you can see it, sit up straighter and darken the hair as you’re so fit you can do that – embrace a younger look… So having a look at programme this afternoon – which will be challenging. I always hate watching myself. Perhaps I’ll suddenly become much more of a dark charcoal hair colour on Sunday – vanity vanity – Indeed…

Just had two hours in God’s gym (well my local coffee shop) reading Mark’s gospel and getting context from the Lion Handbook to the bible. All in order to meet Clive here for our weekly bible study. But he’s not here, I didn’t get his text saying he couldn’t make it for some reason. So I’ll have to eat ‘all’ the cake myself. But it did provoke me to study and it was fascinating. A Centurion had control of 100 soldiers, you’ll know that. A Tribune was in charge of ‘six centuries’ of men that formed a Cohort and then a Legion, lead by a Legate (coud have given him a better name) was formd of ten Cohorts. So a Legion had six thousand men. This bible study stuff is great.

Now back to studio to work on my ‘My Way’ song and eat cake.

Have a super day.

Love N

PS Contributions to hair debate welcome.

PPS How crazy to be concerned for aesthetics of hair colour when people are flooded and people close to us face life crisis points. I suppose we/I have to carry on. Doesn’t mean we/I don’t care. I think there should be a disaster relief fund for the flooding we’re experiencing  and/or a call for volunteers to go down and help – I’d support the fund and go and make teas and coffees or wade through mud whatever made a difference..


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