So – as we do – Christiane and I, at our daily morning meeting over coffee (she gets brought to her in bed)  prayed about the circumstances faced. A computer with key software not working and looking to be costing me loads for updates of programs and costing me loads of work time a key item on the agenda.

Later I turned the offending article on and it nuked by Raid Drive. Now  this would have been catastrophic if it had all our data on but thankfully I have two backups of data elsewhere. But some of the Raid data was not backed up – my mistake – so that’s gone. Hey ho, I should have known better – critical data intact, thank goodness.

Then I turned off screen mirroring in System Preferences and … the offending software of: Illustrator, Photoshop, Inspiration and Sketchbook Pro all worked….

So anyone out there with similar problems – TURN SCREEN SHARING OFF – it’s got a bug that eats memory. Should have been sorted before it was released methinks. You may also want to pray the computer gets better. Maybe it was the prayer that worked here?

Oh yes and my Sata cable is disabled by new software on my hard drives, the linking card in the machine not seen – slower connections work. All part of the fun.

So my mind was cleared by running around a building about 16 times in between Bear Runs, dips etc etc… during an hour of Spartan Training last night! I am not made to run but did keep going. A fat index of 21.3% on evaluation after that – is that good, bad, indifferent?

Onwards…. Back to the Business Plan…




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