I should be getting on with the VAT, and I will in a moment or two. But I was looking for pictures to use on a blog and musing… i.e. avoiding doing the VAT Return! Hey ho will be finished today.

Musing on what? Where  I live with my family – looking at lovely pictures of place’s in Norway we’ve visited briefly on cruises and of seasons. ‘A season for everything’ it says in the bible and I’m in a season of digging the field which has taken awhile. Planting to be next then water to grow… Actually, if you are with the farming metaphor, I am further along than just preparing the field I have some plants that have been in the greenhouse awhile growing and are ready to put be put into the bigger environment. I know I know I really should get on.

So seasons then – high spring tides – here’s a picture of one of those… But before I leave.

I fitted a Raid drive card and it’s software and got it to work yesterday, so am pretty pleased with myself. Atto Technology provide the card and software and have a mission statement that is pithy and starts with ‘Meeting our customers demands for…” and later ” high-performance, easy to use (Rock n Roll – my comment)…” I thought that the wording was brilliant with a customer first focus saying exactly what they were about.

I am, and have been for as long as I can remember, into defining exactly what my mission in life is so I was inspired to play with developing the mission for my work.

I came up with: to bring joy, hope and laughter to the world through music, film and the written word. Which is fine but doesn’t really light me up and it’s a bit global and impersonal. I like thinking of what I am doing being ‘for one person at a time.’ So that needs to be in there… Hmmm.

OK. enough of my musings I still have lots to do to get to Studio Ready – my current focus: scaffolding, flooring, lighting, backup strategy and then there’s the VAT! What a glamorous life I lead…

Do the last one first then you say? I hear you.

Have a great day.

Love N


















































































































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