Feeling better after a day of being ‘out of energy.’ Piano practise from eight then I improvised in C Major. I have this rippling effect that reminds me of water. So I captured it here. I would like to think there is a touch of Eric Satie coming through in the base line. Now if I can play like him that would be awesome. Amazing to me that in almost two months I have moved from plinky plonk to wizzing about. Thank you God! Of course I can never play exactly the same thing twice but nobody’s perfect. The score looks great to me… How many notes can you fit into a bar – I think I counted 22 at one point. It’s simple of course as any muso person would get straight away I imagine  a I VI V base and a recurring base note with some tinkling on top. Joy to be getting the idea of how the music can work.

29March2011-3 min Improv in C by nickyslater

Trying to get a video done in Final Cut Pro to go with the music but – “Out of memory” is showing and blocking me and edits are simply not appearing as they should! – I have 12GB of RAM memory for goodness sake and one of the fastest Macs on the planet.  So need to get to the bottom of that – two hours to try to get some beautiful wave sequences with the music. Twenty minutes to find the footage and get it loaded into FCP and 1 hour 40 minutes trying to get it to work. iMovie takes less time!Christiane just watched a bit of the video and said it made her feel sick as it’s sea moving with no horizon – I like it… relaxing.

Super follow on from sharing the fallout from my stress of Business Planning. Joe – thank you for your comments and wisdom. I hear them loud and clear.



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