The world of Twitter and Facebook is a funny one for me. Sometimes I don’t think anyone’s there. I don’t go onto the Facebook or Twitter responses much because (1) I’ll be there for days. It’s so much fun. Or (2) maybe someone will be having a rant – which might upset me…! No one has ranted yet and I love to hear from people. Getting a balance then? I need Twitter / Facebook time with someone pulling me off after a few hours!

So, when I’m getting on getting on I sometimes think of this as a diary, a record of work in progress. I can tend to get to the place of – no one’s listening…

Imagine my surprise then when Glen, the Big Boss / Executive Producer of Dancing On ice  (actually he might be Co-Executive Producer with Kate but it seems to keep changing. Katie used to be Big Boss but now seems to be Creative Director at ITV as well which sounds very cool). Where was I?  Oh yes… Glen comes back to me  today in response to the Tweet of my Blog yesterday. Yes it was a little ‘tongue in cheek’ but nothing ventured…

Apparently he had written an email back to me but somehow it got stuck in the technological mire somewhere so I never received it. Funny how I can make that mean something. You don’t love me anymore, don’t care for me etc etc … no, actually it just didn’t get to you and i should have mailed again! Duhhh…

Glen wrote ‘Yes we’d love to have you back on Dancing on Ice and your request for a salary on the same basis as Simon Cowell gets paid for the X Factor seems perfectly reasonable, indeed a bargain for us. We have so missed you on the series as you are a key ratings draw. As an aside you request that Bis, your driver have a Bentley to drive you in for the series is also perfectly fine and what we would expect for star of you calibre.’ Errrr…  wait a minute – no… that wasn’t it, I was dreaming for a moment. The gist of the real message was …. there are no plans to change the panel at this time … It was a great tone too…

Well you’ve got to ask and you never know – plans can change – and when all my fans inundate ITV with demands for Slater to be re-instated they will see the business case as well as the artistic depth I can bring – or maybe I’m dreaming again and they are all busy playing tennis instead of skating as Wimbledon comes upon us? All good fun and it does me smile… I love show business and the TV world – technical, business and performance. But at the end of the day – it’s just a job.

So back to enjoying the journey here, challenges and breakthroughs et al. A little more incognito at present, which is refreshing. But, as Fabio my Hair Stylist said yesterday, “This won’t last.” I’ll take that… Had a meeting yesterday that could bring the start to TEAM I am praying for. A possibility of creating something new for the world – Rock n’ Roll… bring it on.

Have a great day.

Love N

PS Photo? – Applause for having reached the youthful milestone of 50 on the DOI tour – 3 years ago! Gosh I should be retiring… No chance of that, did it once; got bored… Oh yes and oh course, like many of us, I still have bills to pay!

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