This page explains Nicky’s current focus and passion, his background, and gives a career overview to date.


Deep down NICHOLAS MARK SLATER (aka NICKY SLATER – below = N…) has always known his real passion. This is to be ‘An Entertainer’ and  ‘A Showman.

He has always loved to light up people’s hearts to provoke a smile, insight, laughter and/or encouragement and he loves every facet of Show Business.  If you came to dinner there would be laughter; normally at his expense!

For brief moments along the way N…  provided entertainment in one form or another via ice dancing or TV/Live Events.

But his passion was to create something new, to really go for it with something that only he could imagine, not a sport/art he was given but never chose.

Since first inklings in 2004 N… has been looking at a development artistically into music. To become a Music Maker/Performer has become his focus. As skater Nicky Slater he has been involved in editing music and creating skating routines and shows using music all his life. But to write – perform it. Make a living from it? How crazy to risk everything to pursue this?

Music is at the core of what N… is called to. nickysongs imageIt is a ‘huge’ risk to take on. A young family to support, masses to learn, everybody making music on their iPads these days, everyone with a studio of sorts. ‘You can’t make money from music’ mantras running, technology changing constantly etc etc…

A brilliant challenge for a 60 year old! Yes those “you’re too old” – “you will never make it” voices contribute their opinions as well… And really, at 60, I mean shouldn’t you just grow old gracefully?…

So… Will it work? Will it be any good? Will anyone like it? Will anyone care? Will anyone buy? What is it?

With the focus of a two time Olympian, almost every hour of working days is now taken up on this quest… and from tiny steps and a faint heart calling out in 2004 more competence and confidence is in place today. Only been fourteen years so far and some tracks being released! THen being rescinded and a new release schedule being prepared!

And maybe it’s easier to do this when you are fresh out of college with no responsibilities and you haven’t emigrated! ( as of Sept 16 to Canada).


Nicholas Mark (Nicky) Slater has entertained on and around ice since the age of five when he starred in the Altrincham Ice Rink Christmas Show performing as the Milky Bar Kid. A couple of years later in that same annual Christmas Pantomime created and produced by the late, great, Ken Bailey (MD of Cresta Ice Rinks) Nicky carried his first skating partner, Graham Linney, off the ice to the tune of Two Little Boys, the Rolf Harris hit of the time.

N… was trained by his parents and became an Ice Dancer competing for Great Britain. His parents John Slater and Joan Dewhirst were British and World Professional Ice Dance Champions and he too became a champion in this sport/art of ice dancing (details below). After retiring ‘prematurely’ from sport he has been: TV and radio presenter, commentator, ice dancer and a Showman as: creator, producer, impresario and promoter.

He has commentated on Figure skating since retiring in the mid eighties as well as presenting and being a guest on TV shows.  He has also been a judge on professional and celebrity TV events. For ABC Television he judged The World Professional Championships and between 2005 to 2010 Nicky Judged for the BBC and ITV on Ice Dancing Reality events in the UK coming back to fill in on the final series and arena shows.

Nicky’s ice skating background has played a significant part in many of Nicky’s roles. But, like some who are given the tremendous opportunity of learning a sport / art and being trained by their parents in a particular area he has faced issues associated with that gift. The main challenges were: (1)  he never chose ‘ice’ as a career and (2) normal life didn’t exist for a young boy growing up focused on being a champion whose parents both worked on ice in the unsocial hours that requires. This has been, and to a degree still is, a battle to come to terms with.

Because of this background and his make-up Nicky Slater has been on a search to discover what truly is his passion and to enjoy ‘normal life.’ This has resulted in the journey into musicians an internal battle to find his way. A battle that – to some degree – is still in progress.



Nicky Slater, born April 6th. 1958 Liverpool, England.

Married to Christiane (nee Spivey) in 2007 his son Benjamin Edward Tiger was born in 2008.

From Ice Dance Champion, (Junior World Champion, British Champion, 5th ranked in World, 3rd in Europe and two times Olympian 12th Lake Placid – 6th Sarejevo) to Star TV guest on ITV, BBC, to Commentator and In Vision Presenter ITV, CHANNEL 4, STAR, HDTV, TWI, Eurosport.

Along the way as Ice Show Producer ITV, BBC, ESPN, NBC, USA Networks and national Event Producer, Skatealong for Cystic Fibrosis, Sport Aid (Ice Skating) for Band Aid Trust, That’s Life Jim, Shaftesbury Sunday.

His own UK Ice Rink and Theatre Tours (Nicky Slater’s Ice Tour, Finding a Wife, Ice Times) to Ice Skating Judge: ABC, BBC, ITV.

Also worked as an Ice Rink Developer, Communications Director, Motivational Speaker and Writer.

He has a Masters Degree in Marketing from Bristol Business School/University of West of England and has an Honorary Doctorate from Suffolk and Essex Universities for his Charity work.

Father John Edward Slater (dec), mother Joan (nee Dewhirst). John and Joan were British Ice Dance Champions and World Professional Ice Dance Champions before becoming successful ice dance coaches training many champions themselves. Brother Christopher ‘Kim’ Slater.


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