Agony and almost Ecstasy

Agony – So I’ve changed the password on my Raid Drive. I had been trying to fix a JBOD bit in it because I couldn’t get through to the people who I purchased it from. Well i could get through but they did not call me back. Got through today and now i find I can’t log in to GUI – General User Interface!!! Argghhh – that’s the Agony. Tech hell and no way to get through it. Keep entering the same passwords and combinations that I know will work and – Guess What? – they still don’t work! Final Cut Server still stuck have a number for Apple now so hope I can get this sorted tomorrow – tech stuff eats time and stresses me out! One day I will have an engineer sorting this… Please God!

Almost Ecstasy because, as I am developing songwriting from the piano and working on more detailed chord structures I was stuck as to how to harness this, hold it down. I had gotten to pencil and score sheet this morning, which I quite like, tactile and like real composers used!

Well I got into midi set up and thought if I just use midi from the Oasys into a keyboard on the computer that might work… Christiane encouraged me to stick with the computer. So now I am editing directly in Logic. Looks very posh. See score snippets here… I did those:) I moved a note on a chord and it sounded much better. now have to link the various bits together and then print it out and learn it.

I do all the inputting but it’s free form and improvised. Learning to do it the same way each time will interesting. I actually got goose bumps playing with singing a verse over the melody this morning. I think something good is coming with this particular song.

So you win some and you loose some SCORES ON THE DOORS – Technical 3/10 Creative 7/10 today.

Off to watch Jimmy Webb in Norwich – will be great.

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