What a statement. The President Elect in his Press Conference today using coarse words I don’t want my eight year old to use. Attacking attacking attacking as on A Reality TV Show that is now the US Presidency. The Theatre of the Absurd as the BBC called it – Barnum in the modern day. How extraordinary.

So what? So this is the model for American males who want to make it big then? This is the image of America.  The Bully, the Blusterer, the ‘I do it my way up yours.’ The threatener. The superior being.

No kindness then? No gentleness and gentlemen. No. Harshness, degrading, doing down, shouting lawyer culture at best, the American Customs Official Customer Service stance being trained into the culture.

This is America? Of 350 million plus people are there no decent, honourable, kind people? The leader of the country models the antipathy of this.

3B’s – Bluster, bully, blag; and you will make it, even to be President of The United States. Yet deep down, each of us wants kindness, love compassion. But be carefull this is weak to show in public. Keep your ‘Face’ tough.

I was once ripped to shreds by a female American Executive in front of a meeting of Executives in a power Board Meeting in the City of London – she one end of the table, me the other. It was unexpected. Devastatingly effective and – had she been a man – I would have hit her. A scaring experience. It had some validity this attack but with no pre-warning was done for effect. And effect it had on this soul. I imagine this female persona would be well suited to The Trump Office.

So is it style? Or just war, survival of the finest? I see the US Administration causing alarm worldwide. I see a pugilistic, uncaring me first up yours attack to come. How did it come to this? Or perhaps if I watch ‘Gangs of New York’ it was always so?

No. The United States has just had eight years of a strong, caring man in charge who has, even with a dogged, dogmatic, uncaring opposition in place made a difference. A man who earns respect with every word spoken.

Now what…


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