I am an Apple fan. I am passionate about Apple and Manchester United.  So I’m wanting Apple’s Keynote (for Sept 12) and it’s new products to be great.

But, with Steve Jobs now gone, who will or can fill those shoes at Apple? Without the overall viewpoint of an all powerful revolutionary maverick how will Apple continue to break the boundaries of what’s possible for us? How will they create the next wave?

Tim Cook was told by Jobs: “Don’t ask, ‘What would Steve do? Just do what’s right.” According to Job’s biography.

To me IT’S NOT THE ONE THING – IT’S THE WHOLE THING is the answer to that question that Tim Cook has taken on. This is what Tim Cook thinks is right. And I think he is absoluetly right. “Only Apple could do the mix of software and hardware.” Cook says in the 12 September presentation. Indeed. That is what makes it unique and able to deliver a joined up service for its customers.

The keynote has not delivered a revolution, it is evolution. It’s not a new wave but it’s a deep powerful wave that is being surfed. Apple is atacking and delivering on fronts of: voice recognition, chip manufacture, web search, mapping, acoustic engineering, camera technology, cloud, operating system along with tecnology breakthroughs allied to the passion for design it embodies. Some of the new features are not ground breaking in themsleves some may say. They exist in other applications or devices. But the fact is ‘It just works.” As my first Apple printer did in printing out a page with the header and footer in the right place from my first Mac. Each of the aforesaid areas is a ‘huge’ in itself. Apple’s power is in joining the dots and making it ‘Easy, fun and beautiful for us to use.’

Voice recognition was not trumpeted at the keynote, not quite ready for a complete integration into pages perhaps? But it will come. Why buy Nuance software for $6bn when you can make it yourself and own that space? A strategy I imagine Apple to be pursuing. Taking on Google as a search engine and looking to compete on advertising revenue another possibility. Google doesn’t come up on Safari automatically now as the browser. Another massive area of competition?

The designs add significant value, as ever, and are brilliant to my eyes. The videos leading with Jonathan Ives superb in maintaining clean look and brand values.

One thing – the shirts the guys were wearing at the presentation, except for Tim Cook – not that good for the brand and, too many shots of Al Gore in the crowd. But….

When I look at the whole thing Apple has built – The Walled Garden – as it has been refered to, it becomes more and more useful, enticing and beautiful. Why would you want a device where everything doesn’t just fit together beautifully? Why would you want to have to be updating your security software and bolting bits together? To me it’s madness when you can buy something that does all that stuff for you in a fun, powerful and easy manner. That is the added value.

Commercially margin is in the additional memory, $50 to $100 for memory upgrades and a clear upgrade sales chart for phones and iPods. Making it easy to see I want the best one! And then jiustify it to myself – because I am worth it.

The value of THE WHOLE THING to me is in the tactile and aesthetic beauty along with the usability Apple products deliver. This is what Apple are getting right. Shares over $700 at Christmas time is my prediction. $680 right now, riding high in the last two weeks.

Just for a moment, I imagined Steve Jobs looking on and smiling. It’s not a revolution we’ve seen in this latest keynote but it’s the riding of a big deep wave of evolution.

Hats off to Tim Cook and the team. The evolution is also a valid way forward pushing on every front and revolution will come in time. Apple TV?

Love N

PS The iPhone 5? Want one please. It’s on my Christmas list for Santa.

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