The leaves are starting to turn here and I love the crisp autum air with the sun low in the sky. Friends have just come back from Canada telling us what they saw there. I remember seeing ‘The Fall’ with its stunning colours in the past. Christiane’s beautiful picture is from last year and reminds me of it.


I am in a groove of a routine that I hope and feel is causing incremental improvement rather than breakthroughs. ‘You need a routine Nicky’ said my favourite Nanny – Nanna Westnott to me so many years ago. Made it. At last.

I am working away on music: piano, vocals, guitar. I am on track with my overall plan. Focus is on skill development and on becoming music producer right now. Everyone can do music production these days it seems but to do it really well seems to me to be another thing. Technology enables but ‘the artist,’ be they sound engineer, music producer or player need to be very good to do it well, in my opinion. I am learning from masters of those trades.

So it is taking a long time to get to finished product and ideas grow and develop and some are established now and sit waiting for their time. Bottom line, weeks and years go by without me ‘producing’ anything. It will come. I am racing to get there. Each day is filled with things to do and I am writing lots, music and lyrics and the two together at times along with poetry.


I played a new tune I was making up on the fly in Eb on the piano with inverted chords. Sounds richer in colour than straight chords. Jimmy Webb’s teaching is making an impact on me daily. I also played a guitar piece in Ab that’s growing called Tango. I played it back and can’t believe it’s me playing! intricate and dancing the Tango – I suppose that’s the idea. Rock n’ Roll. Well no not Rock n Roll rather Tango but perhaps you get the sentiment.


Last week – exactly one year on from my rowing fastest time at Friday Cardio Attack – as I call it – I did 3:38 for 1,000 meters. One (1) as in ONE second slower than twelve months earlier! Have I slowed down in twelve months? Ha… – we shall see.

So not blogging much as beavering away. I am privileged to be able to do what  I am doing but proof of pudding is in eating and I need to produce some stuff – when? When they are ready…

I hope you are following your dream too in some way. It’s certainly great to have purpose and direction, especially for me who had twenty years lost and has never really followed my passion until recently.

Love N

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