Sunday I was back for the first of two weeks’ Guest Judging on Dancing on Ice. It was fun. But – I went running with my brother in the morning before going to the studio. We went around half of Richmond Park and it was awful. I was completely done after twenty minutes! Seems like not having been running daily since hellrunner has taken its toll. I’ve been in the gym but the running muscles have gone – so quick. So it was fifty five minutes of slow running from me – need to get back out there.

DOI – is so interesting to me. I am, I see now by nature, an observer of life and to be back for a moment and able to see the show, by being in it, again is great fun.

The highlight of the show was meeting colleagues/friends (I often get the two mixed up) I used to work with on the show. It’s a funny thing because I’m often rubbish at staying in touch with people but, when I see them again, it’s like it was last week we saw each other. It was the same when I skated – meeting friends at different competitions. I see DOI as a team (apparently 400 people work on the show) and everyone plays a part – Simon on the door into the main arena, Terry in the Green Room, Stephen, Kevin (thank you for the shoe shiner – bought specially for me!) Nicky, Rita and Adam in wardrobe – I was such low maintenance this time,  and sound guys. Rene in makeup was so welcomming for the  VT I did on Saturday and I even had time to give Glen a hug – he was Exec Producer who refreshed me from the panel back in 2010! Ha… cost me a lot in monetary terms but has been a great help in provoking lyrics and humility…

Good to catch up and restart with Jason and Karen, meet Ashley and say hello to the skaters and celebs. I felt very privileged to be welcomed so warmly. It was really lovely.

And Bisi Balaguon – my driver in the first five years of DOI – wasn’t there. I decided to drive myself this time.  Now Bisi is ‘busy’ studying to be a solicitor – he’s three years in – rather than driving and he called me and we’ve caught up. How great TV is in helping me reach people. He and I are both doing career changes. Him to law, me to music.

Richard (Crofts) who sat next to me in school and went on to be a Missionary in Africa speaking Swahili (!) was my minder/assistant and it was great to have some support – we had fun catching up.  My new Ron Gunn suit was lovely although my new tie was a bit pesky – it wouldn’t stay tied tight. Different tie this next week. I asked Stephen (Adnitt) if I had three suits (he had said that Chris Tarrant only had three suits for Millionaire so I’m starting on that track) what colours would they be? He advised a blue and grey. Hmmm. And Jason said – once you’ve had a suit made you’ll never want an ‘off the peg’ one again. Oh dear – expensive! But he’s right…. my new suit feels like it fits… Doh.

I couldn’t sleep that much on Sunday night / Monday morning – got back 12:30 and bed at 1:30 then awake. So got up and  wrote a lyric called Three Twenty Seven AM – now there’s a catchy title! So many impressions – a few – I wish I’d said, etc. etc… but hey – it’s all part fo the process.  THREE TWENTY SEVEN AM

Monday was back to Spartan Training, which was fine even though my legs were done in from running on Sunday. Dove Pub for a recap with Pat last night. Guinness, wine and pork scratchings for me – the food of champions with a pizza after.

Yesterday was spent in my ‘My Way’ song and helping develop Christiane’s website.

A bit bizarre to be back in the ‘gossip line’ on the DOI website. Communication can be so surfacy with the media looking for the frisson in any encounter and social media allowing people to be without consequence as they deliver opinions.

I am so not celebrity now, yet I noted the lure of it though that can lift its head… I much prefer to be normal. I really like just being one of the team, trying to do a good job and enjoying the time. That’s enough. We’re all the same whatever role we play – my time out of DOI has really helped me get that embedded. Terrific fun to be part of the big show but hey – we’re all just doing a job.

We had a fun buggy moment  after the show – my friend and Eurosport Boss Simon Reed does the commentary on the show (I did miss Tony Gubber being there – we used to share a dressing room). Anyway Simon came and hung out with Richard and I after we’d finished and were packing up and I said “Shall we get the buggy down to the bar?” Simon didn’t know there was a buggy and he’d been on the show last year and this. So we had great fun being chauffeured down to the bar on a golf buggy. I did drive one once – very fast – and the front window fell out as we went over a bump. There are speed bumps in Elstree Studios.  That was when I was last on DOI! But don’t tell anyone. I might get a bill for the window.

I was reminded that – back in 1984 – Karen and I were fifth in the world and Chris and Jayne were first – there were four places between us. Then I became a Christian, got married much too quickly and the skating career dissappeared overnight. So long searching for purpose after that and finally finding it in these last few years.  Karen and I skated to Jump – the music Ray was given in the opening of The Tour of World Figure Skating Champions in the US for Tom Collins in 84. Dom Perignon and Kentucky Fried Chicken on the coach going from Arena to Arena across the US of A – I remember them as ‘Rock N Roll’ – great times. Tom treated us like Rock Stars and I wore dark glasses to parties in the evenings and drank copious quantities of Margaritas – had to be done…

So it’s back to my studio today working on my ‘MY WAY’ song. Piano getting better, a syncopated drum style laid down and working on vocals. Another day in the office.

Have a great day wherever you are.

Love N

P.S. Christiane’s website is coming along – superb pictures she takes my lovely lady. So talented –



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