It is my birthday I have reached the grand age of fifty three years old. I will always know my age as I am exactly fifty years older than my son! Helpful, in it’s way.

Off to see Joe Browne tonight as a present with Christiane. It will be great I’m sure. Picnic in the park at lunchtime and a generally lovely day – although the learning did suffer in terms of time spent.

I have PT Barnums Life Story – as told by himself – as a present. I am sure it will be a blast and provoke a song or two. The founder and owner of Cirque du Soleil was inspired by it and … thought it worth a shot. A Richard Branson book too on business – coming at the business end from two perspectives.

Excited to see what the next year and those after will bring – voice getting stronger and that vibrato too. Piano tough but progressing – broken  F major seventh chords in E flat major to D major seventh – sounds nice though – have a riff coming from it. Getting there. Baseline runs on the guitar yesterday coming to light too – will be good for a country song.

Sometimes feels like I’m not making the progress I’d like to. That technical stuff still not flying and not getting visuals online yet…. All to come. It will be great when everything is flowing.

The picture – mine – I am learning from my wife how to make daffodills float.

Hope you’ve had a great day. And here’s to all those over fifties who are still about realising their dreams…




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