Today our MP’s vote to bomb… I am appalled at the naiveté of our leadership and the behaviour of many who we have voted for…

I have a song coming but haven’t time to get it done. So here are some lyrical thoughts in the meantime… If you feel it is valid – please pass it on.



I drove my son to school yesterday morning. As I was passing Ipswich School a little girl of about seven was walking – not holding her mother’s hand – towards a stop sign for a crossing. It was raining. I slowed right down ‘just in case’ she should step out onto the road. She did not and mum caught up to her daughter who carried a beautiful colourful umbrella.

So I protected her from harm. I was careful to not drive in a way that, should she have ventured on the road rendered me unable to stop. How I, as you would, valued her life.

How about a bomb came down, missed it’s target and killed her?…


Jeremy Corbyn seems isolated, according to the media, yet here is a man who asks questions I totally agree with. David Cameron’s answer to one question I read was ‘It can’t make things any worse.’

It perplexes me that educated men and women cannot see the strategic flaws here? You cannot overcome and enemy like this by bombing with no feet on the ground. Our ‘Allies’ on the ground seem to be many miles from where we are bombing. How is this joined up? Are they are allies? If they are not concrete why are we bombing?

“Bombing may save civilian casulaties.” So said our PM. So tell me David. “If we drop a bomb from 30,000 feet and or send a Cruise missile in, how many little girls/boys will we kill? Guarantee to me you won’t kill innocents. And if one little girl dies, like the one I was careful to protect yesterday, was your bombing worth it? Is her murder worth the price of the bomb? Or perhps it’s not murder? Perhaps she would be ‘Collateral Damage?’

And… If I am the man on the ground trying to protect my family, a man who has never learnt how to fight. David tell me, Who helps me? Does your bomb help me? Does it protect me?. Or does a highly trained fighter standing in front of my door standing against the bully and their evil that would harm me and my family do more?

So feet on the ground then. To protect. And face to face with specialist fighters that are there to protect against an enemy spreading evil will have it curtailed and beaten. Now we are doing something of worth. Why do we not consider that?

And yes Mr Corbyn suggested Polical Process and cutting off money and supplies too. All good. But, bottom line if I am the man facing evil I need you to protect my family if I. Are you going to help me?

Or are you dropping a bomb, enjoying seeing it’s destruction and leaving me to sort out the funeral for my son or daughter?

Love N

Dr Nicholas Mark Slater

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