I am back home after commentary. Three days that felt like five, and time away with family. It was great but (1) I didn’t buy a fan that was a bargain… and (2) I loose my fitness being out of the gym and in Hotel anywhere… Need to (1) buy the fan when it’s a bargain and i could really sue it – blowing my long locks around etc… Ok Christiane’s and (2) be able to maintain fitness and eating normally when I’m away – discipline and preparation for No 2!

I’m working on a Business Plan to address what I’ve been working on over the last five years. The ‘I’ now becomes ‘we’ with Christiane and I’m working through the book, doing research, creating Vision. Mission statements and Values, Critical Success factors et al. I’ve done loads of plans in the past but never been able to get into them properly and address the issues of competition and customers and the WHY. Why are you doing this? Who is it for? Why will they like it, buy it?

What’s exciting is that I’m now through the first sections and our values, vision, mission and goals are established – an they influence everything else. Every decision has to fit with these guidelines. It makes things easier.

I used to think a Business Plan was to put in a draw… Not anymore.

It’s hard work and I’m cream crackered as I work on it but somehow I think this is bringing a breakthrough for us.

More reading researching, discussion and thinking to be done.

Love N


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