I am loving getting to grips with Music Production. As a part of this I’ve been mapping Mixing Desks in order to get a handle on structures for routing. Side chaining, auxiliaries, compressors, busing and sub mixing becoming part of my vocabulary! ¬†Because I’m so visual the layout I created above really works for me in helping to see how things are grouped together by different producers on their desks. I’m designing my own templates and taking on their ideas. Colour is important… and I like the top layout best so far.

Look for the bus? It took me a while to find out what ‘busing’ was in sound production 0 doh! Tiger loved the fact I had put a bus on the picture to show the routing of sound from one track to another!

I the midst of this I visted Garaband. I’ve been a bit snooty about it in the past because it’s so cheap and ‘not for real pros.’ I know, I know – not a great attitude. However the more I know about music production and songwriting the better Grageband looks as a tool in helping come at the process from a different angle. I had some fun with the Latin template – see below… I added in the lead piano this afternoon. I love Salsa dancing and I found myself dancing standing at the piano. They can’t touch you for it!

Hot today – lovely…

Love N

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