Christiane, my lovely wife, has taken photographs for many years and has then made beautiful cards from these images. Now, after much prompting from friends, these cards are available for purchase in her own shop. You can see them at her website (click through to her etsy shop on the link).

The cards are Premium Quality, hand made by Christiane and brilliant and I am not biased. Well maybe a touch. Not only are they of fabulous quality of embossed card with super imagery they are also lined in a way that provides one and half sides of A4 writing should you have more to say. The line that sums them up is ‘More than a card…’ They are a gift and in this time of quickfire email communication they provide a way of saying something in a special way, in a way that is remembered and can be cherished over time. A memory box item.

We know that many people frame the images and some don’t send them off as cards because they are too good! So do have a look at christianescards and the shop – buy loads – and please pass this on to your friends.


In addition to cards Christiane offers her pictures in a variety of poster print sizes. Her pictures are always surprising to me as I see a vista and Christiane invariably sees it slightly differently. This is a gift that always brings a vivid image with a slight twist. The shots are chosen carefully from her database of imagery taken from different locations around the world. So ‘Well done Christiane’ I am proud of you, it’s brilliant to see your work, that has blessed so many now out in the wider world. Love Nicky

  • tease-and-stocking

  • tease-and-denial

  • sissification

  • my-princess-goddess

  • mesmerize

  • jerkoff-instruction

  • humiliation

  • handjob

  • foot-fetish

  • female-domination

  • dirty-talk

  • cum-eating-instruction

  • chastity

  • ass-worship