CHRISTMAS 2011 – DAY 323 (42)

I’ve been writing our Annual Christmas newsletter, I got to version three as it became a bit of an Annual Report of what I’d done in the year and it needed to be edited to be shorter! It’s probably still too long but It was an interesting exercise to be in, “What have I achieved in the year?” Hmmm.

I’ve been laid up with this fluey yukky throat thing and I now feel FAT! It is no good for me not to be going to the gym… But it has given me a time to reflect which is always good for me… I think…

I’m back into piano and this morning I created a song in ‘A’ that has some lovely chord changes especially an A min seventh and B min seventh. The chord structure had been developing for three days and I was prompted by something Christiane said to do a “It’s different with you,” lyric to it… Music and lyrics together with a key change – yeah!  It was super to create the melody using and creating disonance against the chord shapes in the A scale. I think I’m getting better at this songwriting malarkey… Hope so it’s what this year is partly about.

I’ve met friends who are really up against it recently, I’ve heard from others who have lost loved ones, I’ve seen some of my friends doing very well and some doing well but looking over their shoulders in these rough economic times. I find myself reflecting on this as we wizz towards Christmas – it can be a horrible time for some as we are supposed to ‘Be Merry’… according to some advertising and perhaps you might just feel like hiding away?

And it puts into context how I feel. Most days I feel up against it, I’m trying to go faster, learn more, get to a place of production and yet… when I look around me and get a reality check against others I see once again that I am blessed. When I think “Why am I doing this?” I can answer clearly. Count your blessings someone once said, good to do for me, on a daily basis.

So as this aspiring songwriter head towards turkey fare he sends you love and good wishes. Here’s to a great 2012. I think the Olympics in London may pass me by somewhat as I have my own performance goals to pursue… Winter Olympics was more my thing in a former life. Thank God I have a passion though, being fired up is a great place to be and the fire is growing in me along with a realisation I have made progress in this last year.

Then there is this Christmas thing; what is it anyway? St Nicholas, Santa Claus, a Gregorian Calendar based on the birth of a little boy born in stable who changed the World just over 2,000 years ago. The little boy who put the Christ into ‘Christmas.’ I will be stopping and reflecting on this too over Christmasime. What does this mean for me and you… really?

May God Bless you this Christmas with peace, hope and joy.

Love N




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