Circle of Fifths and Final Cut Server UP!

Another learning day – sore throat tonight and not gymming – red wine to enable me to do accounts – I need some encouragement… and a distraction from them so doing this….

I’ve been tensing up going for those high notes and two hours singing is probably a bit tiring. The soudbooth is great because I can go loud but perhaps I’m pushing it a bit?  I watched this Italian chap saying – you must believe you can do it to these young tenor chaps today… Indeed. Think I was pulling back from my head voice and catching my throat and I didn’t beleive I could do it – but I can… Tomorrow is another day.

A Circle of Fifths – Would you believe Duane Shwinn is telling me about it from my piano leaning CD and the book I’m working from and Steve Eulberg from Jamplay is going on about the same thing. So one from piano angle and one from guitar – brilliant – because I start to see what they are going on about. Fascinating how you can do a I IV V progression by take each note on the side of the base and make a song! I’ve heard about it before but it sunk in today, and for me to write like this would have been a different language a month ago.

Piano teaching is all about being able to improvise but they are fierce on learning all major scales and then being able to do that pesky I IV V in all major keys – with your eyes closed! I’m getting there and loving going for it but it’s stretching the grey cells. Oh yes and memorise the key signatures as well. This is only book 2 of 7! It’s a seven month course.

Great to be referencing piano and guitar together it really helps my understanding.

Final Cut Server has been being a nightmare and not working. So I thought … I’ll buy the book from Amazon that trains you in Final Cut Server. £34 – cheaper than the £85 for one support intervention from Apple. Anyway I was reading a bit of the book on Amazon’s website and it says “Do this to turn it on….” Rock N Roll have just done that – and it’s on!!!! Hee hee that would have cost me £85 to Apple. So bought the book and one for Shake and OSX Server too – might as well learn how to use the kit I’ve got…

And Apple shares are wobbling – it’s because you are not giving me great support guys. Come on now for a one minute help on the phone I would have been moving ahead….


Must get back to accounts.


Love N

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