It’s two days after returning from The Dancing On Ice Tour. Midi keyboard gliching with Logic, studio needs a sort out, seeing my huge TO DO list and being in the tiredness of being Off Tour and added to this Tiger was up in the night and I’m sleep deprived. So I’m re-evaluating ‘The Stuff of Life’ with fresh eyes today…

I was thinking how, for many of my colleagues who have been on DOI for nine years, it must be really tough to come down and to be saying goodbye. I thought I’d be fine with it: move on, things to do and treating it as just another show. But, I find there is an impact on coming back to reality and facing the ‘How do I get things done?’ big goal questions I have… And the reality of facing a life that has less buzz than a nightly or twice a day ten thousand person audience cheering, laughing and booing me!

So I think I am ‘Coming Down.’ Not sure I want to come down actually, I like the buzz of being around people who are doing and achievers and excellent at their jobs and I like the buzz of team. Much of what I do at present is not in team; so, how to change that?

I love to write from the moment, from a particular place and sometimes I suppose it’s therapeutic to do this? For me this space has relevance and integrity and I let go of – ‘What will people think?’ – because it’simply what I think and the culmination of experiences and observations layered against what I’ve seen over the years. Sometimes the writing is about me, sometimes not. That’s part the joy of writing the story…

So – COMING DOWN – as a poem, came today… You can click to see it and also for some of my notes on DOI Tour… You may have to click twice to get it to show…

I send my love and best wished to my colleagues and friends off the tour and I know many will be simply ‘getting on.’ Somewhere though someone like me is Coming Down…


Love N


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