For the last few weeks – most weekends – I’ve been commentating on the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Series. It’s been a pleasant mix of being colour commentator with Simon (Reed) and Chris (Howarth) and then being the host role with Joanne (Conway) and sometimes on my todd. It’s been great to see the progression of the event and get a handle on the skaters as they develop routines and I get to see them skate twice in their bid to qualify for the finals.

Two weeks ago I did the Gala and then the Highlights show. Just links, is how Chris described it for the highlights. But, not long before being on air I found I had to commentate the highlights, which involved the top four of each event – as live! So after two and a half hours of Gala another two hours of live – alone. Apparently I was getting my placings in the wrong time zone as in I was giving the results as though it was not yesterday I was commentating… Trying to be yesterday, when it’s today and reliving what could be in terms of where people could finish must have been a stretch – I thought I’d got it right but no…. Confused…? Well seems I was – a challenge for my brain that’s for sure. I was cream crackered next morning. All in all though great fun all round and super to catch up with friends.

So Japan is the final and it will be exciting. Great to be seeing how things develop for the Olympics and National qualifiers…

On a different tack.

Today I’m enjoying getting into chords and developing melodies from a chordal composition angle. I’ve found that I can play tunes but the capturing of them is a challenge in terms of notation and structure. So I’ll get some help on this at some time but, in the meantime, I’m excited about and developing songs through chords and also in harmonising chords from melodies I’ve created. My song for today is called ‘Always There’ and, as you might expect, it’s a love song. It sounds like a song from the mid seventies at the moment – with a bluesy rock beat…

So the odd authentic deceptive and plagal cadence will be a part of my world this afternoon. They can’t touch you for it, as a famous comedic maestro once spake.

Have a good day.

We only live once – might as well enjoy it :)





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