What a games! Hats off to: volunteers, funders (remember we had the credit crunch and the government has still delivered (OK us as Tax Payers then) ) and the athletes and coaches and of course the organisers. Seb has led a winning race. A brilliant show from start to finish with real drama.

Superb opening and closing ceremonies – the budget was well used. What shows! What shop windows for GREAT BRITAIN, awesome in their scope, depth and integration of so many facets. The logistical expertise as well as the performances were, to me, breath-taking. The British Entertainment Industries truly showing what it can do.

What a fantastic job on the opening and closing ceremonies. My four and a half year old has been inspired. Mind you that did include him repeating ‘bloody’! But, he did miss the ‘s***’ thank goodness and I was there when Freddie (Mercury) was leading that crowd at Wembley – that little ‘Thank You’ I think he said at the end of his piece was added methinks. It was not exactly what I recall he said after we had sung back to him. A minor edit?  Good move – otherwise my son would have had another descriptive word to add to his lexicon ready to deliver at the most inappropriate moment. He is singing along on his keyboard and is just switching to his guitar now. Great fun.

So GOLD MEDALS for Kim Gavin  Danny BoyleBradley Hemmings and Jenny Sealey and their teams for the Ceremonies. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. Backed by The London 2012 Ceremonies Board. The guys above all deserve and I’m sure will get medals – not from the Olympics – but from HRH. They will be well deserved. Well done.

Morrisey might be having a pop but I’m all for it. If success and investment in an area helps us (me) ‘feel good’ and ‘show what we can do for and in the world’ and it makes my world and I’m sure the majority of Brits proud for a few minutes once again then there is no harm. If that translates into better performance from us then it’s worth it. If we go back and wallow in ‘same old same old’ two weeks after the games then we have lost an opportunity.

Ticket prices too expensive and difficult to get for some? Overall investment huge? Discussion points; but organisers bet people would buy at those prices and were proved right. Putting a little back into the pot of investment perhaps and once we had committed the politicians kept the money flowing. ‘On budget’ being a wonderful PR term. Which budget was that? The nineteenth I suspect.

BBC coverage was awesome – the pistol shot using super slo mo and new camera technology a revelation. Commentary of opening and closing ceremonies – which I have done at the Winter Olympics – was weak (too little research, too little insights into the games and things I couldn’t see). If I get to commentate again on a Winter games I have learnt from that.

Where was the Queen, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles, Camila and William? Shame to just have Prince HENRY (!!!) there. Some caption generator person at the BBC will get a little talking to about that one! Only a few billion people now think he’s called Henry after that fo-par.

Great to see Emma (Bunton) having fun with The Spice Girls again. She’s a class act.

BBC  Sports Personality of the Year is easy Gary – it’s The Olympic Medal winners. They all deserve another medal.

Bring on the Paralympics.

Love N

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