Two weeks in ‘Celebrityville” on Dancing On Ice here in GREAT Britain as I filled in for Robin (Cousins) who is in Sochi and normally judges the show. I did judge on the show for its first five years but then the judging panel was ‘Refreshed’ and …. well I wasn’t there for the last four years! Ha… So to go back – with a refreshed perspective was brilliant! Suzanne and Matt – I hated voting you off in the skate off… Arghhhh…

Such fun to be back and pilloried after my first week of judging, in front of the entire nation, for not giving a perfect ten for one celeb and for daring compare that celebrity skater to the world’s best… Shock, horror, how dare he! Etc., etc… “Ludicrous…” a wonderful expression to sum up my position from my lovely colleague Jason in my first week. Jason you are a star – it’s all slightly crazy, fun and show biz. Providing you don’t get hooked by it all.

Thank you Katie and Jane for helping me not be hooked by the VT’s and most particularly to Richard, my Manager, support and coach on site at DOI these last two weeks. As Karen (Barber) so knowingly summed Richard’s role when I introduced him – “So you are The Responsible Adult then.” A fitting Job Description – which allows me the freedom to be other than that! Perfect.

It’s been a wonder to be back in the world of celeb and feel the pull of – change the hair colour. It would have gone darker if I’d been there three weeks I’m sure! Vanity, oh vanity, all is vanity… I’d definitely need to get rid of some wrinkles and I’d need at least one more, but probably two Ron Gunn suits if I was there longer!!! Probably good that I’m not… but then there is the tour to come!!!

And, show finished, we had a final on ride on the buggy to the bar with Simon Reed (my Eurosport Boss)  – how fun and slightly bizarrre to be in SHOW Biz together instead of the world of sport – plus Richard, Christiane and Tiger all was good with the world… Until…

Well Christiane told me that one person said – as I carried my exhausted son Tiger (thank you Andy Collins – small star will always be in work –  warm up man) for completely pulling out every shout  and cheer he had in his almost six year old frame) to the buggy  – Ahh that must be his Grandad!!! Grandad… Me? OK so the hair is grey but… I suppose I could be a young Grandad. No No it’s OK I’m not that old…. How funny – errr no. Darker hair to come?

Oh how I wish I was there in Sochi with Chris (Howarth) my friend who I commentate with on Eurosport (he is working for the Olympic Broadcasters out there.) I – for the first time ever watched the BBC coverage of the Ice Dance Final on my brother’s lovely big TV screen as I only have iPlayer so miss much of this usually – and I find myself shouting at the television. Firstly because the coverage starts – then we leave it and I’m told I can follow it on the Red Button – but I can’t because there is no Red Button available and I now have to watch bobsleigh – and yet the Ice Dance Final is running live!!!! Is this the terrestrial TV experience I have been missing? And…

Another blog for this but …

Bobrova and Soloviev were a transformed couple – their routine was absolutely brilliant and…  the judges ignored it.

Seeing this performance and the lack of reaction from the judges reminded me of a couple doing a Charlie Chaplin routine at the World Championships in 1984 skating last after Christopher and Jayne had just had a row of sixes. The arena audience stood and applauded the couple. The artistry still stands today. The judges – minds made up and already thinking of the banquet to come ignored it and marked the same as they had decided earlier in the day.

So it was with B & S.

Another blog to come – for now – bye bye DOI. Bye bye Sochi Ice Dancing… What a great standard of Ice Dancing it was….

Love N


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