In Wembley. Day off on tour as we hit the final week. Time for a relaxing breakfast looking out over Wembley Arena, read the papers, brainstorm some ideas and now to the gym, then pool and sauna. Massage booked for later, then spray tan! and diner. Tough life but has to be done sometimes. Must remember to have them put something on my toes – last time I had a spray tan my toe nails were brown for a year afterwards!

Pic courtesy of Andrei’s phone – thank you Andrei. Click the pic to see everyone.

This last weekend was busy and everyone did a fab job over the seven shows in three days at NIA in Birmingham. Well done Team DOI! I ran the stairs in the arena three times – that’s all up and downs, it’s a great workout. Yesterday I ran with Chris, one of our POI juggling experts. I wizzed off but he passed me from half way… Good man.


One gliche in Birmingham… Chris and Jayne, The  Judges and Andy Collins were stationed in the new STAR dressing rooms. We had one each. The rooms have stars on the doors! and there is a sign that says STAR DRESSING ROOMS! Ha ha… would prefer a team one for me but anyway I had a TV, shower, loo, table and two chairs. Robin and Karen had sofas, Jayne had a kitchen, walk in wardrobe, lounge, the works…  You could live in there if you put a bed in.

Well someone wrote on Andy Collin’s mirror with a pen – You Look Gorgeous! – Who would do such a thing and deface public property? Especially when there is a glass panel outside the STAR dressing Rooms area for STARS to write on – Ozzie Osbourne had signed it! Unfortunately the NIA Mangement spotted this defacement and assigned a cleaning bill of £850 + VAT (for the item to be cleaned) on official NIA letterheading signed by The Management!!!! Monsieur Collins was a touch concerned as the bill was in his name, as it in his room that the defacement had occurred and they were holding him liable. I followed him to Production to see what could be done and what the story was…

Action man Slater asked Megan and Holly (part of our fan Makeup Team) if they had anything that would take the marks off. Yes no problem some spirits apparently would do the job. But later when I quietly took Megan aside she told me it wouldn’t come off… But, she cracked on further interrogation “I can’t lie – it will come off.” She admitted under duress… So, fortunately, our wonderful Makeup Team managed to clean the mirror before the heavies came around for payment. Which is all well and good as…well I was the one who wrote the message in the first place and Andy, and the rest of the team knew and the bill would have found its way to my door at some point!

Touring can be expensive – bar bills, mirror bills… It was a great wind up – thank you Production for enlivening our stay…!

Thank you Makeup for rescue – wine on its way… Ah well – off to the pool.

Love N

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