Christiane and Tiger (aka Benjamin to his mother) are in Scotland I am alone until tomorrow evening. The routine of my day gone, I can be a bachelor totally free to use my time as I want. Strangely, for my being a bachelor mode, I have showered, shaved and done the washing and generally tied up this morning – as against waiting until an hour before Christiane returns to do the washing and cleaning up! Guys – you know what I’m saying.

So last night / this morning I went to bed at 2.30am after creating a ‘Support’ webpage and then to the iPlayer. Michael Grade on Variety – a place I would love to have inhabited and ‘The Pixar Story.” Both speaking of Entertainment which is my passion as I am learning how to deliver ‘an entertainer’ in a new way for me. Perhaps opening a can of Guinness at 11.30 was not a good idea? But the freedom of being able to just do that was great fun.

Michael Grade’s father was Lew Grade who eventually ran ITV having started off as a Dance Man (Charleston I recall), I have read his biography which was fascinating. Michael’s Uncle, Bernard Delfonte, ran theatres throughout the country and again I have read his biography. He also worked for The Billy Marsh Agency and I visited there a couple of times to get advice from the lovely Jan Kennedy.

At an ITV Garden party last year Michael Grade was there and I would have liked to speak to him but didn’t have the bottle to go and introduce myself. Like when I saw Greg Dyke in Brighton and he’d been dumped by the BBC because of the Blair / Campbell fiasco I wanted to say hello, well done. and that he’d been stuffed. Need a bit more gumption methinks. I could write them a letter each?


Anyway I was never in the world of entertainment when I grew up. I was in sport! In that space, ultimately with the Charlie Chaplin routine (way back) in 1984, created with my coach Jimmy Young and with Karen (Barber) providing the perfect foil for Charlie, I created and performed an entertainment piece as a free dance.  I believe this has artistic and entertainment merit and it was within a competitive skating environment. The judges were not moved by Charlie and Edna but a standing ovation from the audience told us that we had reached their hearts. It was the World Championships in Ottawa with my father and mother looking on and ITV having sponsored us, Chris and Jayne warming up the audience with Bolero just before us helped create that special moment. You know you’ve done something good when you walk along the street in Kensington and from high above you a window cleaner shouts, “Loved the Charlie Chaplin number Nicky. Well done.” So I was creating entertainment then? Just not ‘in the entertainment world…’

Well, God Willing, I’m not done yet. As I read about entertainment and learn more about the different facets of songwriter, musician, comedy, film and I hear voices from the past and see glimpses of people I have briefly rubbed shoulders with I am inspired. I have never been in their world, athough they may have seen me ‘Being Entertainer’ and recognised the ability. I was producing a show at the NEC, there first ice show screened by ITV for Sport AId (DOI played there last year) and as I skated on Stephanie Andros of Holiday On Ice said – “He’s a entertainer.’ But I missed Holiday On Ice, I missed pantomime! How do you get in and on. You’d be a great Buttons said Stephen Adnett as I hung out in wardrobe at DOI.

Today – I sense the Dawning of possibility. If you know where you want to go you can get there. My problem has been not knowing and not having the confidence to step in the past. Now I am seeing more possibility as I practise and improve. I want to create something no-one has ever done. What exactly is it? I have some ideas but others develop daily. I am grandiose in vision. Naturally. Some may call it ambitious. Some delusional. A healthy mix of both is good methinks…



Pixar put people together to create… I am in that space but on my own at present. I need to create the team – Pixar had TECH TEAMS and ARTISTIC TEAMS and the tech teams are, of course, artistic too. They also had the business and marketing and distribution arms of Disney in partnership. I see that as something to aspire to. How to achieve that team structure to free me to fly alongside people who are brilliant and fun and pushing each other?

My gut says ‘Keep Practising.’ Give it another month in that space full out and reflect at the end of it. Only I can see and sense of what’s possible here. Only I am inside my own head!  No one will back someone without some ‘Proof of Concept’ is my thought. Although I have some proof of vision already in what is developing.

So for those of you that do I would appreciate your prayers that I can reach a place of team. A place where this ‘One Man Army’ becomes a ‘Commando Unit’ bringing brilliant entertainment to the world. Off I go then to practise… Oh yes but before then…

Ha ha – how can I write this… Well let me tell you the story.

I had a dream about going to an ice rink where Dancing On ice was being staged. I was incognito. I had a Dressing gown on and my slippers and a hood over my head (Psychologists discuss). It was busy and nobody could see me as I clocked the various competitors and techies. I had no emotion just watching. It was, as if it was Streatham Ice Rink in it’s ‘hay day’ from long ago mixed with Richmond. The Manager, Brian Bowman was there! Get on the couch Nicky… Anyway – Long story short. I was clocked and was just about staying under cover when alongside me was this chap. The one and only Jason Gardiner a bit irate about something in his manner looking out to the rink. He had nearly bumped into this doddering old lady lookalike before. “Sorry dear.” Anyway he started to peer at me from the side and eventually we had that recognition moment… Joy, hugs and kisses.  Then I remember walking off into the night. (Alone alright…)

My, my… “Should you really share this Nicky?’ As a friend said last night “Isn’t it dangerous?” Well I don’t know? I’m reading about Dudley Moore and he was constantly in therapy and I reflect on his past and I find myself reflecting on my past too against where I am right now.  I’m seeing this, Dawning of possibility – perhaps I still have Guinness in my system? Or, maybe my head is just stepping into a new space as I learn and I do have a different space for these few days… Luxury and enabling different perspective and sadness at missing my family.

And… Perhaps my thought of pursuing the possibility of a Red Top story to earn some money for my family and fuel my dream should be shelved? I could highlight some issues I faced over the five years in Dancing On Ice as therapy, publicity creation and income generation or I can stand quiet. Perhaps my dream is just saying that I would like to be loved? (Ahhh… hey don’t knock it… We all want to be loved). Perhaps I like the space of thinking the best of everyone and being able to stand in who I am no matter how they treat you or the how you have treated them? Perhaps all that is going on? Or perhaps it’s a bit of a story with nothing to it…


ANDY IN ACTION – ©2011 C E Slater

Now – Having externally processed this I need to get on and practise… Piano then vocals… No, vocals first, then I make sure I do it! Into the sound booth I go… Pictures here are all by Christiane. Andy Collins warming up the crowd in Wembley is the consummate entertainer. I’ve watched and listened to him and learnt. Hopefully one day soon I can put some of that learning to good use.

Have a great day.

Love N

PS If one day the scientists invented “a Blog that could talk back to you” that would be fun. A premise for a film there then….  Enough, stop… Oh hang on perhaps I am starting to write a biography and putting drafts up here…?

Now Mr Slater please just lie down on the couch over here.

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