The last two weeks have seen some breakthroughs as I work to get my studio completed. Music is now in GO mode. Next is video. Green screen? I’ve invented a way of getting the backdrop stretched out and dicovered that I need to backlight the grey screen to get rid of shadow from the light ring. Result? Much much crisper imagery for keying. Awesome – and no one tells you from what I’ve read. I wasn’t sure my huge grey screen was going to work – now I see it does – at least for slower motion – we shall have to test with dance.

New cases for computers (with wheels on) my first touring cases (yeah!) and keyboard (on wheeled stand with all ancillary bits) and guitars also on wheeled stand have transformed the workspace. Things can be moved around quickly meaning  I can do different set ups without loads of wiring changes and hassle. This is as I envisaged three years ago!

And… I’m developing a script and dug out a scriptwriting software package I bought back in 2007 but never used! I’ve bought the update and started to use it tonight. For some reason  I am now ready to write. The program, Final Draft, separates out the different elements automatically and allows me to put down what develops in my head and then move bits around automatically reformatting. Rock n’ Roll – absolutely brilliant.

Lights next – wiring and cleaning out new (old) lights and repainting. Addressing Server Software and generally starting to make big jumps to getting studio truly shipshape and ready for action. My aim? By Day 182 – half way through my Year of Learning, which is August 5th, everything working so I will be able to concentrate on learning, with the technical enabling me – not causing me stress – from that date.

Looking at as an enabler to my software learning – looks great for me at $25 month.

Somehow I can feel a quickening – exciting as things start to finally come together…

Oh yes and listening to Joyce Meyers talk about MONEY – learning a lot – turned one screen off and reduced the brightness on main screen to save energy today! I’m becomming green too.

Good and challenging times.

Love N

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