Only managing to post this afternoon of Wednesday. Taken yonks to prepare, and Christiane laughs at it and two of my friends did that “Quiet… No response thing.” That translates into – Oh my goodnesst! OK so the guitar isn’t great, my hands don’t fly over the keyboard and I get carried away strumming – not literally – but, after so long fighting technical I had to post it. One minute to record and four hours to create graphics. edit and render it? The piano music over the new graphics is mine:)

Soundtrack Prowon’t link to Final Cut as it says it should in the manual. “See how powerful it is!” No, it doesn’t work! Hay ho. Anyway a bit of fun.

I am thinking – I write Day 16 but how many days have I had clear to be learning so far? It’s not 16. It’s?… DAY 10! I’ve just looked at my schedule of ACTUAL LEARNING DAYS. Golly how much time I loose.

CAFUFFULLED (is that a word?)
By being Cream Crackered yesterday, so tired I couldn’t do a thing even though I have a full TO DO list. In the past my Monday’s have been – make a new plan. Now I have the overall goal and I’m getting to a ‘Routine’ but I just couldn’t think clearly to be effective. It would be better if I went off and did sight-seeing for a day when I’m like that but I don’t feel I can. Anyway energy returning today. I had been going for seven days straight so should have expected a blip. Another lyric on Saturday late night though – it’s on file.

Technical stuff is an ongoing challenge – reloaded Final Cut Server all looks good and then it doesn’t work at the last part – the start button doesn’t show! Daunted about the prospect of getting through Apple customer service to sort it but need to get on… I find the transition from Artist learning to producer sorting out a stretch when I’m tired. It’s a different head space – violins sounding in the background please. And I reinstalled the Oasys keyboard software, it now needs updating and the Grand Piano has decided not to play! Even though it’s loaded in there? Anyone know an Oasys expert? Call your national distributor is the – we don’t have time to speak to you about that guide from Korg. Another project to sort through… But I am still loving it and having the Combinations back playing properly is lovely.

Video attached is done in Final Cut. Stepping into that now. Discovered Master Templates in Motion, really cool, but rendering a one minute piece takes eighteen minutes! That’s with just one piece of footage and a Motion overlay!!! iMovie does it immediately. So I need Final Cut Server working to help get over this otherwise I will go crazy and it will be a stop to action. Anyone know any Video Editors who can help?

I did a video of some piano this morning but I didn’t have the camera set right so at one point you had a one handed piano player (the other hand being out of the picture) shame as there was some interesting chords and riffs coming as I experimented in the key of D Major. Need to load in the Rave player so I could put up a portion of the music.

Rats!!! – Final Cut Pro footage out of sync voice wise! Need to lock audio and visual together. How? Read my Manual. Harrumph harrumph reload footage and re render before putting up. All takes, eats, time! But I’ve loaded a treatment for the footage that looks great – I think?  Six hours to process – no – down to 24 minutes! Might help if I didn’t use 100MBS footage? Go and get ready for gym….

Scales are getting faster, fingers more nimble and I have a seven month course I bought ages ago. Trouble is I’m trying to see how it’s structured and finding it hard to unravel? Needs a bit of thought to create a plan of action against it. I remember meeting Sergei and Marina Ponormarenko at their house years backI used to beat them at one point and they were fierce competitors. Playing darts with Alexander fadeev and Sergei brought out all our competitive spirits again – great fun. Anyway – they had been doing much less time in training than I did but it was much much more effective. In those days the Russian system sorted that for them. I am mindful that it’s not just the time you have but how you use it that is key. How best to use my time?

Took me until two weeks ago to buy some Apple Shares. I love the company, all my kit is Apple. Being and Englishman, a true Manchester United fan and an Apple man sums me up but whilst I looked at the shares at $99 three years ago and knew they were great value I waited…. until they were $350to buy!  They’ll make $600 being my forecast. Anyway someone knocked $10bn off the company value in four minutes and the shares have dropped for two days running. Guys, Steve is having treatment but he’s created this amazing company with $25bn in the bank and a delivery cycle that is well established. He’s amazing and I’m sure he’ll be back so stop faffing with the stock!

How best to use it, how many energy hours are there for me? Is it worth putting up this blog/diary?  Right now I think so as it gives me somewhere to externally process. One day everything will be flying technically – then I’ll be laughing. Please God.



10.20PM – EDITING… I have edited in Soundtrack Pro some piano to create the opening and end credits but cannot get it finished back into the movie… Must be an easy way. Looks v exciting. Christiane watched my one minute feature and laughed? At my lousy guitar or my lousy piano or my comedic delivery… the latter I hope – have to stop now, resume tomorrow – seeing possibilities but linking Final Cut with Soundtrack Pro another step. Well if you will compose the music and create the graphics and make the movie… Lovely.

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