Up at 6am and time with Tiger. Started practise at 8.15 – an hour off for lunch – and finished at 5.30pm – singing, voice, guitar.  A super day devoid of distractions of technical, business or anything other than focussed learning.

Results? Well Andrea was above me today – I wasn’t easily hitting that high note on Sogno. But.. singing along with Luciano and the other tenors from the Three Tenors I did make a discovery – if you think ‘Aero’ as in chocolate for that last ‘Vincero’ in Nessum Dorma then you can hit the last note. Maybe the big man himself used to think about chocolate at that moment…? You’ll be trying it now in the shower I know…

Guitar is theory and structures and then some cross references of twelve bar blues from piano learning to guitar with a bit of a Spanish riff coming on A minor and E minor. Flamenco feel even…

Last few days written two lyrics. The first entitled ‘Don’t go there’ and another inspired by the film Australia on Sunday evening. So words coming. A book by Rick Rooksby on composition on the piano also been really interesting.

Sad about Dudley Moore book. Getting to a point where he is becomming a bit more reclusive.

Anyway the picture shows some of my world at the moment – it’s a screen shot from Jamplay’s Steve Eulberg. A day filled with music from theory to practical. Marvellous… There I go getting Andy Peter’s voice in my head again!

Off to the gym – with pancakes inside of me… An hour of circuit training – hope I don’t see my pancakes a second time?

Love n

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