Day three of full out Year of Learning.

I got a chorus to my Monday melody (the melody that started to form on Monday of this week – see previous blog entry) yesterday which was exciting, it turned up and said hello. Also found some really nice chord progressions with a lovely minor in there too. Trying to work out how to capture all this and and link it together easily and quickly. Score is on Logic so I can see it all – just need to fine tune and then play it the same way again – which is always a challenge. I always play things differently!

Today has been great (mostly..) – Practise report: piano  1 1/2hrs  guitar 1hr, singing 2hrs and emails and stuff super lunch and my daily Tiger time – mid day time out with my son.

Until – 3.30pm set up Final Cut Server… I entered my update code stopped working! Three hours of being stuck trying to cope with Apple SUPPORT – contradiction in terms – system. “Perhaps you would like to read what problems other people had and see if they had the same problem as you and how they dealt with it?’ No. I just want it sorted – and you don’t provide a telephone number… Grrr… Stress of the worst kind…

Anyway didn’t go to gym but decided to have a skate instead. Christiane experimented with some shots. We got some 5D video that is fun with the Oasys on automatic playing music to dance to but no time to send up this evening. Some stills too, here’s one. I think it’s fun with the shadows. Anyway a full day and stretching out having a skate is super. Bath time…

Hope you had a productive day too.

Now if I can just get FCP Server working  that will be another brick in the wall. Tomorrow…

Love N

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