Two weeks from when I officially started my ‘YEAR OF LEARNING’. I’m wanting to share where I’m up to, wanting to post some music and wanting to continue practising, and get to the gym, and get out the door by 12.30 today! Need to chill… Not enough time for all of that. The gym will go – I did four sessions this week and shoulder niggling again. I should lift lighter weights perhaps, but my core is getting stronger and I think it helps the singing! Last week I finished in Tech Hell with some glimmers of hope. This week my perspective has changed. I am doing this blog now as almost a diary of what’s going on for me… Introspective but also able to share with anyone who may be interested in ‘A Journey of Learning.’ Perhaps too as people see what resources I use that may be of help to others on their journey? I hope so. Who knows? The web is a wonderful place to reach people, that’s why I love it.

I am singing every day for an hour and a half to two hours in my Soundbooth. This is a breakthrough in itself as, up to this week, it was sporadic at best. Like the skating I seem to avoid the most important things and do everything else. I have now prioritised singing practise. Had a fantastic day yesterday. 8 to 9 piano / 9 to 10 guitar / 10 to 1 with short break singing. Lunch then guitar in afternoon and gym in evening plus emails on afternoon when I put my PRODUCER HAT on for a few minutes.

I’m simply doing exercises and specifically a VOCAL POWER 59 minute CD by Elizabeth Howard and Howard Austin. By the time I’ve got to the end of the hour in the soundbooth – singing out confident that no one can hear me – I seem to be louder and have more freedom. After two hours this is even better.

I did a recording of me singing Maria yesterday at the end of the session as a throw away item. Amazing difference, no wobbly voice, set on the shelf, strong support and more power. Wow… a different Nicky! Of course early days but exciting to hear / feel the difference. Now keep going to develop a core skill in this area. I am starting to see much more of what a singer can do in different genres and how a singer can treat a piece in different ways, without being all emotional about it. I love to start to understand the technical and to get the vibrato working. How amazing we are us human beings. Incredible what we can do.

I am enjoying doing scales and doing exercises. It seems to me that mastering the basics is key to performing with freedom and improvising later on.  It’s all about foundations. I am convinced that the better I am at the core of a subject the greater my potential for flying in it later. Because I have some pictures of bridges I choose that as my metaphor. The steelwork has a base and is held together by the the Nuts and Bolts. OK it’s a weak metaphor as I seek to fit two things together – but it is a nice picture. One teacher said online, putting the bricks in the base of the pyramid is key. As I am a fan of John Wooden and his Pyramid this appealed to me.

I am hearing words that resonate with my coaching experiences over the years. But would not expect from the guitar teaching arena. So I am pleasantly surprised and reminded. Visualise where you want to end up. Look ahead to what’s next, see the future step, that’s what’s important be it a next note or a next action. Set your goals. Inpsiring words I am hearing again from teachers who look to coach as well as teach the basics and then excellence in a craft.

I have joined – I’ve been ‘umming and ahhing’ about this for ages. I stepped in based on the fact that Hawkeye Herman would be on them and his free lessons were great. He spoke of visualisation and goals setting and gave me two great blues riffs. Wanted to get them online but didn’t have time! I can’t find him in the basics at present on JamPlay! Anyway I’m doing the basics on their system, even though I think I can do all of that already. Interesting for me to be learning some basic fingering exercises and I have benefitted by ‘being humble.’ They advise and I have started at the very beginning. There is always something to learn. There is benefit for me in starting at the bottom and moving up rather than going in at midway – even though I can play a bit. So a months trial on Jamplay, looking good so far.

The week then? A realisation that a focus of learning really can make a difference and that confidence grows as skill increases. I developed a new show idea on the basis that my skills were growing. I would never have seen the possibility for such an ambitious project had I not been practising and starting to feel what’s possible. (This project is on the wall – it is a distraction if I action it so will sit there!)

More Nuts and Bolts to be made and then placed in the foundations in the next week. I am hopeful about how things will develop. On the menu for next week including practise =  (1) deciding on an embeddable music player – looking at Wimpy player but not stepping – get on with it Slater! Then fitting it into site. (2) Learning more of Ditto Music – looks interesting and (3) reinstalling and updating Oasys (a big job) + tech stuff Final Cut Server up etc… Things to do then.

Hope you are making your dreams come to pass too we only get one chance so we need to use the time we’ve got to go for what is on our hearts.



By the way:
(1) I get no kickbacks from mentioning anyone here. I do it in the hope that it may help others on their journey.
(2) The photo is of a bridge over the River Tyne in Newcastle which I took at night on the 2009 tour of Dancing On Ice with our then new Canon 5D and  a 24/70mm lens.

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