No wine or chocolate or coffee or crisps until I’ve finished this song I’ve been working on for ages! That is my self imposed incentive…

Funny thing with this incentive I then went – ahh well – rather than getting on and doing it. Back into The Mix today and Logic X seems to be standing up for more than a few minutes at a time – Yay! Why does that make me happy! So – Apple’s update the other day might be making a difference. Bit after the fact but at least they are getting on with making it more stable – I hope.

But DETOXING – I didn’t know I was doing that – (I was told in the gym that’s what this FAST is). Anyway as you are really interested I’ll let you know that rear end action has been prodigious aided no doubt by fruit and smoothies loads of nuts and eating well and NO WINE NO CRISPS NO CHOCOLATE AND NO COFFEE and NO SUGAR EITHER!!! Well it’s one way to loose weight I suppose?

So you/I do 101 sit ups in two minutes in a Sit Up Challenge in the gym. And you/I think you’ve done alright – well OK you/I think you’ve done marvellously well and are a bit proud of yourself. So much so that you think you might blog/brag about it. Two days later – Sunday morning you/I go into the gym and tell a gym friend you did 101. “I know’ they say, and after a pause, “I did 113 yesterday.” …. “But my counter may have got it wrong it might have been 103”. Either way – Rats… Humbled again. I suppose it’s good for you/I to be humbled – but so soon!?

So I did 104 last night… And one of the guys said – “Well if I did half sit ups like you I could do your amount!” Well I think I’m playing by the rules – touch the ground with your back, touch your knees, keep going… Getting a bit competeitive in the sit ups department methinks…

Onwards… Spartan Training in the heat!

Love N


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