A week of distractions! Am I running away from my ‘End of term Project’ which is – Finish A Song’? Darn it – yes…

I love Apple, I am loyal, the keynote was, for me, a coming of age of the team after the loss of Steve Jobs. Innovate from the inside out and a ‘wow’ moment from the Mac pro – size wise! Incredible machine in design and capability.

And the share price drops – the Hedge Funds won’t bite until there;s a surge and they pushed Apple to 700 and now they’re into Google. My take on things…

So Apple is strong and not loosing the plot.

And I have a Mac Mini Server that I have never been able to make work. So I thought I’d give it another go. This was prompted by a conversation with Christiane about enabling her to do stuff and me hogging the main data on the big computer. How to sort?

So i got it working. I am less fussed about the computer not loving me these days. It doesn’t work doesn’t mean it hates me and I’m a failure – it just doesn’t work – Yet…

I think the manual makers should not be people who know how to yuse the software ever. They miss out telling starters like me principles in an esy to understand way – or maybe I just miss it.

So you set up the server. i clunked away and kind of got one working not caring if I broke it. Ands there it seemed to be. What you then need to do is be the User accessing the server – DOH! Of course. But as server admin and user i did not realise… Then I got one computer to work – Yeah! Then i updated to Lion operating system via the helpful little icon at the bottom of my screen and lost access to the server to admin it!

Of course you did. Two days of getting it all to work and pop – need to download new server for #13.99 – done that now what?

A week of insights into enabling Christiane and one where my persistence – I WILL MAKE IT WORK… costs time and energy. And enables me to run away from completing the song…

Yes doctor I’ll come back next week and we can discuss further…!

Love N

PS Did a talk to my son’s school yesterday – the whole school – I was ready for two groups – younger and older… I think it was good. No one walked out – I was trying to inspire them… Some of my characters started to have air and created interest and laughter – interesting to feel that…

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