Had a productive morning – piano practise then a new melody developed. Need to get a music player embedded to be able to share this. Trying to sort!

I did a test with one of my cameras today linking it directly to the computer raid drive – and it worked. Hurray…. Something technical worked brilliantly – amazing! Sixteen minutes of footage 137 giga bites!!!! Wow. That’s nearly 1 Gigabite for every minute – big files. They must be that big because they are trying to capture my ebullient, effervescent personality…. or maybe not…



Caught some composing on it after piano practise but file too big to easily edit… Duhhh – Film /video still holding me back. Hence my inspiration for the picture which is a projector that still works in the wonderful Curzon Cinema in Clevedon near Bristol. But…

I’ve been starting to sort through my lyric and song books this afternoon to get things in order and am seeing the possibility of linking songs up to different Albums – Love Songs, Fun Songs etc..

So I’m  looking at work from 2006.  This one caught my eye, it was in early development so I’ve taken it a step further. It’s going to be in the FUN SONGS category and appeals to me…

A little life lesson in –  DON’T WORRY


Oh yes and Saturday, in this brilliant pub. Harley Davidson bikers, people dressed up in fancy dress, a dog with a wind problem and me and Pat having a drink along with the regulars. Maybe the dog is a regular?  I asked one gentleman if it was always like this “Yes, but wait till the Belly Dancers arrive.” his straight faced reply.

This lady was looking over at me. I gently acknowledged – as you do – when you’ve been famous for fifteen minutes – just in case. Eventually she came over… I learned forward to say hello… ready to do the charming bit if / when required and after two pints of Guinness I thought I could do the suave thing…  “Is anyone using that chair?” She asked. Perfect. I love it.

Pat was in hysterics. Me too. I did get clocked later and we had a bit of fun but I do enjoy being much more incognito. Although it’s a bit odd to see in the News of the World on Sunday – that I never read – and there’s an advert for the DOI Tour without me in it. Shame. What about all my fans? All five of them? Ok four… Who will create that huge boo in Manchester? Maybe it’s Biggins turn to be the baddy. He could do that.

Love   N

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