I’m on the road of vocal recording. I have been putting this off for a long time, doing exercises having lessons but not actually DOING THE SINGING FOR REAL… So I did my first REAL set of recordings this weekend. I’ve recorded before but only for demo not for real production so this is VERY different…

I finally got to be doing some recording – avoidance was the name of the game I played… On Saturday I warmed up, did two hours of exercises, and was giving it some but… The vocals sounded high and thin and… not great. Funny how the mic hears different to how I think I sound?! So Saturday evening I was thinking maybe Christiane is right – I can’t sing… Maybe that’s it, have someone else sing the tracks you’ve written, game over for that area. you play the guitar or piano. And yet… it’s different out of the Sound Booth when there’s air… I sound different when at the Oasys with the mic piano and a hall effect working. I think that sounds good and… I have sung in public and people have said – sounds good… Maybe they were humouring me? But I have been in a band, and they asked me back. Mind you it was a church band so they may have been being polite and been showing Christian love… (He’s rubbish but he likes doing it and we like having people involved etc..) I don’t think it was the last thing though. I was in the Brighton Welsh Male Voice Choir for a while I’ll have you know, harumph harumph… Really. So what’s going on here?

So I sang for five hours yesterday. Two hours of exercises and three working on how my voice sounds. I remembered a plug in called Echo Boy from the wonderfully named SOUNDTOYS company. Now it’s expensive and I have lots of plug ins one way or another (would be good to know exactly how some of them really work) but hey I’m learning. Another toy then? Another ‘in order to?’

So I looked at their site, downloaded using iLok their demo (pleased I have one) and pluged in Echo Boy on the ROCK VOCAL setting. That’s applicable for my track I thought. The track is big! Then I added Vocal Warmer then Phase Mistress – I kid you not…

Suddenly vocals are sounding ‘much’ better. Hmmm… A recording chain through an auxialliary channel with Waves V Comp Compresser, Waves De-esser, some EQ and the Soundtoys…. Hee hee I’m learning this stuff.

So today I wake up with the song I’m working on running in my head. Christiane says my son Tiger is singing it in Italy – a good sign.  And… I used to hate Mondays. What to do? I would do a plan for the week and the rest of my life searching for some meaning then go off to the coffee shop…

Today is not like that. A joy to have purpose. It’s just another work day. To the plough then. Make the music work, not just for this track but to discover how to professionally record vocals so I can bring life to all the other songs I’ve created and also to be able to record Christiane’s voice which sounds great to start off with and will fly with what I’m learning.

With my Sound Toys Demo I’m encouraged I can create something that will be good… We shall see, and hear… Of course by lunchtime I may be fighting again as I address the next hurdle and my ears hear anew my warbling in a different light but this is a fight of many rounds and I’m in Round Three today.

Rock n Roll. Onwards…

Have a great day.

Love N

PS It occurs to me that I always assumed (makes an ASS of U and ME) that I could sing. I haven’t really focused on it fully for performance AND recording. I’ve always shied away. I enjoy the practise but shy away from the performance (the competition as I used to know it on ice). Now, in getting focused, there is less emotion, it’s more pragmatic. A job. With emotion thrown in of course in the performance. Very interesting as that chap on Rowen and Martin’s laugh in would say… Really Doctor.

Forever learning…. Now stop your blogging / avoidance Slater and get on…

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