I’ve always been interested in philosophy – but I didn’t know that was the title for my interest! Philosophy has always struck me as a soft subject, it has no pragmatic, practical application. Those who study philosophy are not taking themsleves – or life – seriously. So my upbringing, teaching, knowledge summed up this airey fairy subject view. Hmmm…

Although I have always been interested in Motivational texts – The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr Vincent Peale my first and a key element in my road to faith when I was competing on ice. I have brought it out again and it’s battered pages are a joy to revisit.

Now I am becomming much more interested in philosophy. It is very early days and I clunk around the subject but I start to see how character is formed by thinking through issues and having a set of principles and beliefs that guide me in every aspect of what I do. I have Plato’s Republic by my bed ready for a read and today read a bible study that lead me to the above quote.

And I have discovered Edmund Burke – now I suppose every Politician reads his writings; every top public school inlcudes them in the curiculum? Or maybe not.

But the scentiment expressed reminds me that I think I cannot make a difference to much of what concerns me about our country – which I like to call Great Britain. My pragmatic rationale mind says – the bureaucrats win, it will take me too long, we are rubbish at organsising and wasteful of resources. And – if I start sprouting off – I’ll get flak and that is not comfortable. So I stay quiet; I don’t write to my MP. What’s the point? The Government systems – Whips and all, the embedded Civil Service procedures, the European Legislation overiding our laws. What’s the point in trying to make a difference? I’m busy with my stuff and a lot is much better than so many places. So I stay quiet – take no actions – don’t bother to dig deeper. Not very good Dr Peale here… Not very good against the above quote either?

And I would aspire to be a Good Man! So Edmund Burke speaks to me this morning… More Edmund Burke Quotes here

What would he say to the situation in Crimea – what would he say to the situations that have a bee in my bonnet? Hmmm… Actions Speak Louder than words and ATD – Churchil’s Action This Day come to mind so… Come on Slater get going…

Have a great day.

Love Nicky

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