I had a girlfriend once who worked in a University. She was, and no doubt still is, very smart and was charged with recruiting ‘International Students’ who were a cash cow for the University. I did a Masters In Marketing a while back – a year course – took me nearly three! In the last lesson the course touched on Marketing Management – how to implement what we had learnt. Would have been helpful to have that in earlier.

I had considered going to Cranfield for and MBA but ot was £20k back then. I went and tested some lectures. I enjoyed the atmosphere and felt I fitted in. Should have bitten the bullet on that one. But why would you do it today? Same as then to a degree: expertise of lecturers, contacts, working with bright folk and the brand all add value and open doors. But if you didn’t need all that and were excellent on LinkedIn and Facebook et all and you needed specialist training why would you spend all that money? A year at Cranfield now with accomodation et al?

Now I am in a different space. Learning continuously about many aspects of music and film and focusing on the creation and business disciplines in these areas. Just today I signed up for an online video training company that has over 1,100 hours of training mostly in subjects I am passionate about and need to learn. Here’s a link macPRO Video.

It will cost me 25 US Dollars a month on a contract that I can cancel at any time to access as much as I can 24/7 from anywhere I am online. So let me see that’s 25 US dollars a month – say £15.93 at today’s rate times for 12 months = £191.16 or if I go for their annual cost of 199 US Dollars this equals = £126.82 for the year. OK…. Is the training good? So far for me – very good. I have their video on one screen do what the trainer is advising on the other and can pause and reply when I need to.

Tuition fees set to rise again next year

Sean CoughlanBBC News education correspondent reports….University tuition fees in England will increase again next year, the watchdog for fair access is predicting. The Office for Fair Access (Offa) says fees for 2013 will rise to an average of £8,507 a year, slightly above the current average of £8,414.


£8507 plus accomodation, food, other expenses?  Total cost per year? Total hours of lectures?

£126.82 from home? 24/7 – 1,100 hours of coaching available.

I know this is a  simplistic argument but the network, job opportunities and social life had better be darn good let alone the teaching to justify the fee  and loan that will need to be repaid in my eyes.

But, as a son of a friend said, “Dad everybody does it you just take out a loan and go (to University).”


Online training offers faster access to knowledge, the price is in the social interaction and opportunities this could bring. These days with online networking services this can now be achieved in a different way, albeit not in the depth of being with people.

If you want to have zero debt, learn more faster it seems obvious that doing online courses in subjects you have a passion for and then applying this knowledge to commercial advantage makes loads of sense.

University entrance fell 8.9% last year. If you were savy and want to get ahead quicker – why would you go? For the contacts and door opening potential of the place – Cranfield, Stanford, Cambridge, Oxford. OK, ok mayeb online is not for everyone, but maybe for a few of us it really really works.

Love Nicky


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