In ‘Ableton Live,’ the music software package I am using, there is a monitoring window top right. This window shows the amount of processing power, up to 100%, being used by the computer.This helps you manage the project so you don’t get any dropouts of tracks or Plug-ins if the 100% barrier is crossed. Very helpful.

Above is the score I achieved just now. Pretty impressive methinks. Of course I had to quit Live and reboot – again – as the spike won’t go away once it’s said hello.

What does this depict? A user who does not know how to get the best use from plug-ins to minimise processing power or an epic creation with pre-birth pains? I have a monumental Plug in array and I like the second version too.

Sometimes I look at ‘Advice Sites’ where the gents post their computer and equipment bits and bobs bottom of page. Sort of showing I know what I’m doing or mine’s bigger than yours I suppose. So here’s mine!

NIcky Slater CPU System Information

And that’s still not enough. Must buy a new super duper one soon! The next toy…

So… I like to think that today I am building an epic for my first project – it is epic in my ears. Only been on this one song for six weeks now. Not the most cost effective production schedule in the world but hey you should hear my Timpani!

Failure cannot live with persistence a wise man said to me….


Love N

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