Thank you everyone who sent me a birthday message on Facebook. I have been rubbish about being ‘on Facebook’ I’ve been working away to catch up on time that was lost and maybe hiding in my work after Jon Freddy left us.

A disastrous holiday in Paris and a 55th!!!!! birthday didn’t help since then. I should be retiring never mind starting a different career! So sayeth the gremlins in my ear… Begone. Some very French lyrics though that bode well for songs to come – there’s always a silver lining.

Hey ho – so not quite panicking about the time passing but so much to produce and nothing done yet. Writing loads and looking to break the barrier of ‘producing something’…


So I’ve set myself an ‘End of Term Project’ – it’s called ‘COMPLETE A SONG.’ I write lots, I compose pieces but haven’t produced either audio or videos – yet. So I’m addressing this. Artist me is being challenged as I play guitar at 174 Beats Per Minute and find it sounds out of time? I was in time on the second beat of the bar… Doh! The process of actually making the song – laying in the drums, the vocals, guitars, scoring the piece and creating the guitar chord charts et al as well as developing the mix is all a part of the fun.

My hope is that – by getting one done – I break the barrier and open the floodgates to get lots of songs I’ve created done…. Then I can produce and support my family through this endeavour. No pressure then?

The picture… Well it’s becoming summer and Christiane took this picture of Flatford Mill area last summer. She takes great pictures.

Love N

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