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Seducing My Ex With High Heels

Seducing My Ex With High Heels

Xev Bellringer – Seducing My Ex With High Heels

Seducing My Ex With High Heels

Oh…hi, what are the chances you and I would be at the same party. You are looking so…good. Makes me regret breaking up with you. Well…since we seem to have this room to ourselves for now, why don’t you and I catch up?Do you have a girlfriend yet? …No? My my, you must be very backed up then. I bet you noticed my heels, the pair you bought me when we were together. Remember all of the kinky things you did to me while I wore them? Aching to smell them again? Here, take a whiff of that leather. Oh my, looks like you uh…got excited. Fuck me…for old time’s sake. Come on, no one will know.Mmm…you feel much bigger than I remember. I’m getting so wet, you have to fuck me right now. Ohh God yes!!! Harder, like we used to, throw me down and use me! Pump in and out of my pussy, feel my heels pushing against your chest. No, don’t cum yet. I know you want to, but save it for my ass. That’s right, grab my ankles and sink yourself deep into my ass now!
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Seducing My Ex With High Heels

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