My goodness –  I have just matched Andrea Bocelli’s pitch in Sogno in my soundbooth!  Oh my words… After two hours singing practise I thought I’d have a sing along. Don’t know the words but lahed along… Couldn’t manage the top notes at first then tried again and there they were:) Felt like they were coming out the top of my head. They probably are.

Now I may (or may not) sound like a scalded cat cat but it was still good for the soul in any event…. In the past I’d be watching the sun going down with a glass of wine listening to his music! Now I’m singing along with gusto – whoever he is… Progress.

Another one of Christiane’s great shots that fits to theme of the rather contrived story link.

Also been having fun with Dorian mode on piano. What a tough life I have. And – brownie points – I was building a Lego helicopter with my son at 6.45 am this morning. Our first Lego togther. Great fun.

Now – guitar practise.

Love N

Andrea Bocelli SOGNO



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