Yeah! I have my new cases from Five Star. Stephen Swann did a great job of working with me on the design – he only said “I’m getting confused…” once! The rest of the time we worked great as a team – well I think so anyway. Thanks to Simon Edwards and his team and it was great to go to the Five Star Factory to see things being made.

I started off with two smaller cases, then grew one to be a stand alone workstation if it needs to be. Now as they sit here I think I should have made both larger as it woul dhave given me more growing space but that’s hindsight speaking. THe design developed so that now I can take the screens off and pack them without dismantling them which is a win and having the kit on whels is already transforming how I work. I’ve got space for a second Mac Pro and I can swivel the screens around for various uses in the studio as planned. All good, right height, great paddding and they ‘feel’ professional – because they are! Rock n’Roll. Oh and can I make the doors into tables Stephen? “You need to call me on this one…” his response. I think we can and that would be a dual usage of the kit. Didn’t occur to me until I saw the size of the doors.

Way back, I visited a small industrial unit in Las Vegas. A guy called Steve Wheeler was checking his show with his team, they were to be performing for us in Starskates Magic for NBC. All around were touring cases. Some carried costumes, one a sewing machine, one a magic trick – huge. Everything was orderly and organised. He literally arrived and worked out of the cases – as all touring artists do. I was and am inspired by this.

Well my two cases are my small start towards being able to do just that with any show I create or shoot we do. And Luke, and Simon and my techie friends from Dancing On Ice tour, I have some cases…

So a great big thank you to FIVE STAR CASES. The engineering, fit and finish is brilliant. When the clasps, which are easy to use wrap into the side and secure the doors they are rock solid as is all the finish.

Pleased? I am.



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