I’m tired and almost bored now. Studio Complete is my project focus. I have been carpenter, metalworker, carpet fitter, software engineer, financier, industrial designer, lighting engineer et al along with friends along the way to be making this work. A single job description will not do it. I suppose that’s how it is for a small businessman.

This project has been going on for years, six months timescale being slightly ambitious that I originally set myself! I’m nearly there, it’s the final summit asault on this ‘Mountain of a Project.’ And…

Well maybe I don’t want it done, complete. finished? Maybe I can keep finding things that can be improved, the last few months have seen that and it’s value added as I learn more. But maybe I might put off finishing it because then I’ll have to PRODUCE?!

Ah ha… is that a factor? Maybe a little bit. I’m a month late on my project and have bitten the bullet to get things sorted on this last leg. Perhaps this last leg is the hardest for me as once the project is finished it won’t need me anymore? CINDERELLA SYNDROME – as my friend Nic would say.

So I plug away, keeping on keeping on, boring as there is no news. But there’s news for me as I get excited about designing a new lighting rigging fixture. Funny what get’s me going in this phase! But as my friend Chris said ‘MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.’

I wrote the basis of a song with an alternate guitar tuning this morning, lovely tones and words are coming all the time for lyrics and riffs so not all Artist Turn Off.

Head down in BEING PRODUCER the main focus though. Come on Slater – GET IT FINISHED. Back to workflow strategy design and backup strategy then… Joy! Actually it is (for the most part) – I love it all, all the widgets and production bits and bobs are fascinating to me. My toys. I would like someone to rescue me from the engineering and ad min though – one day.

Then into ‘BEING ARTIST!’ Playing in this space that’s been created for you (me). How do you do that, be the artist? That will be fun/interesting/challenging to play with. OK enough distraction get on Slater…

I hope you are doing more than just making your way. I hope you too, in some way, are working towards and/or fulfilling your dream, your vision. It’s scary but the only way to really be going for things full out in my opinion.

Have a great day.



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