We have been very blessed with gifts of love since Jon Freddy left us last week. Seems so long ago. Messages, flowers and we know of many who simply don’t want to be bothering us and praying have all been a great support. THANK YOU…

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Jon Freddy seems to have touched many lives and we are so thankful for this and the time we had with him as a family of four. He has proven beyond doubt in my mind that no matter how short a stay a child has – THEY ARE ALL PRECIOUS.

We spoke with the lovely Rebbecca Hardy on Wednesday for the Daily Mail en route for Clevedon to pick up Grandma and Grandad. Link here  It has always been our hope that someone would read Jon’s story and be inspired to keep their baby. If one life is saved he has made a difference. He has of course made a huge difference to us.

Daily Mail

As I am not in the Life and Death struggle the old fears crowd in and distractions come to say hello again. Nothing has changed in the world as to my goal of creating music and visuals as entertainment. Nothing has changed in the scope of work to be done, the choices to be made, the technical, administration, promotional, financial etc etc… – all still there. But perhaps, as my focus comes off being a stand for my wife, our family and Jon Freddy in this life and death battle it is natural they occur as a touch overwhelming? i spent part of yesterday asleep on the sofa – Old chap needing some R & R my gym colleagues would no doubt contribute… just wait I’ll be back next week.

It was November 23rd when Jon Freddy was found to have T13… since then Jon’s Journey has taken on a huge significance for us.

It makes me think… How can I generate the passion, focus and energy Jon Freddy’s battle engendered in me. This is what I want for ‘normal life’.. And maybe it’s OK to be tired for a moment today. We brought Grandma and Grandad to our son Tiger’s ‘Grandparents Lunch’ yesterday after a 400 mile round trip on Wednesday to pick them up. Slater’s Limo Service will deliver them back today. I need a peaked cap? And a clean car! Great fun.

So the grieving process continues for us as a family and daily as everyone who has been through this knows you get stronger. In our local store this morning a lady behind the till said ‘How are you? I had a little boy who died at two. Spent most of his time in Great Ormond Street.” Sorry to hear that” I said, “We just love them anyway, don’t we.” She touched my arm – another little act of love we are seeing all around.

We are going to have a time on Friday 22nd to say goodbye to Jon Freddy’s body. We don’t plan a service – we’ll do it. Some music, I’ll speak of Jon Freddy’s journey and maybe Tiger and Christiane will too. I’ll let friends say what he’s meant and maybe bring a poem or word or something. It’s to help us all grieve. The crematorium is lovely and they are donating the space as they do for babies under 3. As are The Funeral Directors – little acts of love.


So Grandma and Grandad back to Clevedon today – back tomorrow and then – in action from Monday onwards. My body is going to complain in the gym next week and my mind needs to be focussed to get on… I have song called ‘Home’ that I want to do for Jon Freddy.


Love Nicky


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