This weekend is Grand Prix final weekend.  I am commentating for Eurosport.

Short Dance yesterday and I really liked Natalie  (Pechalat) and Fabian’s (Bourzat). Their dance was full of content, difficulty and rhythm and was, for me, the best of the competition. Some super transitions and cross hold moves and the routine that brought to life Latin in the most vibrant way in my opinion. Only a level three for the step sequence seems harsh as they appeared to do the most content and it really did emphasise difficult turns as well as intricacy and lightness. However the judges have them in third place.

Tessa (Virtue) and Scott (Moir) had super rhythm and class in their skating – the fall (his) was done and dusted so quickly as to be study in how a human being can bounce back to their feet. Excellent recovery into the twizzles and and strong lift – as we would expect. Super humour in getting back into routine from Scott after the fall. I loved the expresion and the relationship they brought to the piece.

Charlie (Whyte) and Meryl (Davis) are leading. Strong skating and assured with difficult lift but not capturing the rhythms for me as much as the French and Canadians. I suspect a bit of ‘Halo marking’ as in the judges give marks against past performances and current ranking working here. It probably doesn’t sound good to be not endorsing the reigning World Champions but I can see the marking changing over time if they don’t get more of a Latin feel into their Short Dance. Or maybe it doesn’t matter if the technical content is strong enough?

For me, not being a Technical Specialist I see all top three couples undertaking difficult technical moves well so the actual ‘dancing’ makes a difference to me. That is what leads me to my view…

We shall see how things develop….

Enjoy the coverage.



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