Time out from a year of learning to do some commentary for Eurosport. We are covering the 2011 ISU Grand Prix Series. I am going to add days onto my year…

Bookings like this often comes late on and as a bit of a ‘welcome’ surprise. We are doing loads of coverage so on some days, such as today a split shift is in order – Chris (Howarth) doing the morning and me the evening. I get the short straw today in terms of amount of time on air but it’s great too because I thought I could have a lie in. Actually I love doing the commentary so having more time is great, but I’ll miss Chris, we have fun when we work together.

Lie in would have been lovely this morning but my son Tiger woke me at 6 am and to give Christiane time to sleep I took him for breakfast – so was a bit shell shocked until I’d had a nap later. Maybe I shouldn’t have had that Guinness that I so deserved after working last night? Aspirin…

I did two fopars last night – one – because we/I started an hour early and rushed to get set up: laptop button broke, didn’t get internet connection and read off wrong biog sheet for first skater!!! Rats. And I didn’t do a link properly. But hey ho.. that’s why I’m in mega early today to do research.

What was great was that I didn’t get all hot and bothered and kept focused and enjoying the skating. It was the Dance and the Men’s Free.

Having a laugh with Eurosport colleagues right now. Good fun. Schedule below for next two days. I think I might start giving litte reports here on what I’m seeing.

Wish me luck – my longest solo session

Love N


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