I am on my own today and until Wednesday evening. How will I cope?

Christiane and Tiger are in Scotland for a family friend’s 50th Birthday bash today. Coincidentally it is also the 50th Anniversary of the publication of the 40 million selling book ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’ I have just watched a BBC documentary on it To Kill a Mockingbird Presented very well by Andrew Smith with lovely camera work and editing and Produced and Directed by Ros Edwards. I love the distraction to a music studio in a concrete building alongside the highway – good for you guys finding that and including it as an adjunct to the story…

Watching the documentary prompted me to write this letter/poem.   Nelle (pronounced Nell) Harper Lee (its author) does not give interviews. So I wondered what she might write back  if I, or anyone else interested in the story and/or getting her advice on matters, wrote in. Here is what she might have written to me…. HARPER LEE

This poem is dedicated to Ann Grigor whose birthday it is today with my love, have a lovely day.

Now I must get myself sorted for church and make a note to ‘read the book.’

Love N
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