I HATE MUD (pictures show how muddy HELLRUNNER will be!)
I hate the idea of running through mud, scrambling under nets, wading through deep freezing cold water up to my neck in the middle of winter. Why would you do that? And loads of people do, including my brother and his wife! But not for me. No, no, no. I’ll continue to work out in a nice warm gym – thank you.


But them my brother Kim challenged me. “Come on you wimp you’ll enjoy it” – or something like that. I did not take the bait but instead considered this challenge. After all my brother is off to Austria to do an Iron Man in the summer and regularly cycles and triatholons around the place, and he’s ten years younger than me to cap things off. Oh yes and he’s been doing all this running and cycling and swimming stuff for a while now… So weeks went by and then, last Thursday, after finishing a commentary session with my Eurosport Boss, Simon Reed, I asked him whether I should do it. “Absolutely’ his immediate response. He has done marathons and said they had given him a great feeling of accomplishment. Of course he might also like the idea of Slater having to wade through freezing cold water and battle through mud as he sits somewhere warm and enjoys a glass of champagne but… No no surely not.


So I stood in the Eurosport Office and said ‘I would do it.’ Now I don’t give my word lightly so I have to do it now. I phoned Kim, and said I’d do it. Whatever IT was. Turns out IT’S in three weeks time and is called HELLRUNNER.  Three of the guys from my gym who do this sort of thing are doing it – “It’s a tricky one” – stated Adrian last night. And he does these things and it’s 12 miles long!!!!  I haven’t run twelve miles?…. Ever! Never mind about up and down hills, through bogs with fire over them and through the mud with hundreds of people all about you.

Hey ho. So now I need some new shoes as my trainers will slip in the mud, I need some skins as they don’t hold water and I need to be running through Christmas.

So, as you may imagine,  I sit today, having received my Christmas gift from my lovely brother of the entry to this race, a bit daunted and thinking… Maybe I could raise some funds from this madness for people who really need it?

FIND Now I love the charity FIND in Ipswich.


Currently our church is collecting cans for them every week and of course we contribute. We have heard it’s founder Maureen talk of the need faced in our society by many who fall through our social safety nets. It is tragic and heartbreaking. FIND gives to these people, irrespective of any judgement. If they have a need, FIND helps with food, Hampers at Christmas  (over 1,000). FIND helps with gifts and food vouchers where needed and as you’ll see from their website meet people’s needs when they have a massive need – right on our doorstep.  We’ve been to the distribution centre which is staffed by volunteers doing great work in a cold environment. This is no cosy office to work from. There’s lots of love and care though.

FIND exists so that a family can have a Christmas with that heater turned on, with a gift of a hamper of food they couldn’t afford, with a gift they would not have received. Someone cares.

I would be very grateful if, by way of supporting this madness of mud running on January 4th I am doing you would support FIND with me this Christmas. I am to raise £500 which I’m thinking can provide around twenty Christmas Hampers at £25 each. If you would sponsor me at £2 a mile to you for my trekking through the mud over twelve miles that would do one Hamper….


Yes, you are right, we may be a bit late for this year with Hampers, so some may get special gifts for the New Year. In many ways this can be better as people give at Christmas but the need exists all year long. I love the idea of the Hamper provision though. I’d love to add to the number of families that could be blessed this Christmas.


I am running with my brother Kim (or trying to keep up with him) and you can support my efforts by clicking below. Thank you for considering supporting me it is much appreciated. Have a great Christmas.

If you have any questions or would like to mail me directly you can email me at mud@nickyslater.com

Love N


PS Perhaps you would be kind enough to pass this on. It would be a great help if you’d let others know so that they may support us. Thank you.

Every little helps…. Safari

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