HELLRUNNER 2014 for FIND – Done!

Kim and I completed Hell Runner on Saturday. I finished around 600th (of around 1,800) at 2hrs 07minutes. I had no idea what position we were in as we ran and loads of queues all added to a massive learning experience. I also sprained my ankle at 4 miles as it twisted over in a puddle that had a hole in it and I collapsed for a moment! Excuses – excuses… Hey ho – Kim kept me going. The hold ups we encountered slowed us and made things ‘more comfortable.’ Funny I started running to the pace of people around me… And I should not have worked out twice on Thursday last as when I started my calves hurt from the get go – something to learn. Funny how then seeig te scores on the doors give a benchmrk and I get a ‘could have come here if we’d only ben 10 minutes faster etc.”

Fact is I have never ‘ever’ run so far and the legs made it. The water was so cold and deep thanks to all our storms – an added bonus for all the runners.

Respect to those who fly around this course, my it’s long and very demanding for the likes of me. Although I do like the hills more than the flats.

Dan and Adrian you can just about see yourselves sprinting off here in the video at the start  – Dale? not sure. You guys are awesome on your times well done.

Just about getting back to walking again as my ankle heals. Should be gym bound by Thursday.

It’s a lot about the mind methinks, this longer distance running, and my brother was a brilliant motivational coach on the course. Particularly as he kept me moving after I’d hurt my ankle.

Brief video here that Christiane made. Bet it makes you want to jump into that water and take part next year?… Or then again.

Think I was getting a touch of exposure as we finished, I was so cold inside, can’t ever remember having been that cold. ‘I Ran Happy’ says my free T shirt – aha… Really. Quite an experience, bit like a Recce in some ways – sing how people do this. A Soya Caramel Machiato on the way home has never tasted so good…

Love N

PS I was running for FIND – if you would like to support me in this that would be brilliant…

Below are the links to (1) my fundraising page for this event – (2) the why I was doing this and finally (3) FIND’s site so you can see what they do and stand for.





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