Yes I do need a haircut. Picture is of me in my long hair days. It cost £110 a time to get those locks done. But at least I got two free cups of coffee and a posh little biscuit. Nice to see Paul Edmonds has two ‘hair salons’ / shops in Knightsbridge now. Well done Paul. I am sure I helped pay for one of them! My hair is not so long now and not quite so expensive! I do still get free coffee too and Fabio is a marvel.

I practised piano this morning then let myself create improv pieces as I moved up one scale at a time. I recorded them as I went in case any wondrous music came into the light. I then played the recording of these back whilst I was doing my accounts. Nice to have a piano background and some interesting riffs and soft pieces to work to. Faster versions were a bit plonky at times. There are some interesting 1 1v v progressions but then I’m getting used to hearing them so don’t go – ‘Oh that’s great” any more. Maybe I should? Nevertheless it’s a difference for me to be able to create music and have it as a background to work to. Business records check coming up so getting everything ship shape. I am a million times better organised than I was in the past on the finance – thank you Kashflow, it’s brilliant as is Christiane for entering the right pieces of paper in the files. What a team. The VAT is done, the bills are paid, accounts reconciled. Rock n Roll.

A potential booking came for next year late last week, it seemed firm but I never believe it until it’s grounded. It went just as quick today after a side approach from someone else regarding the same project came yesterday? I am wary now of side approaches on the same project; it doesn’t bode well for how the event is being operated. A company I was working through were gazumped it seems, without being told. They are upset, I am sanguine about it… Mostly. I used to think all business was run in a cavalier fashion but that is not true. It was my story. Another little lesson along the way.

My year off is being interrupted. I am doing some commentary on the ISU Grand Prix series for Eurosport from this weekend. Chris (Howarth) will be with me for part of the time. Other times I shall be on my Todd. A good challenge then. Six hours live on my own: now where is the ON button for the mike? How do you pronounce that name? It will be fun and my heart rate will be up at times I’m sure and not just on account of the skating. SKATE AMERICA is up first from Saturday. I think I need to add days on to my Year of Learning that I’m loosing here – only fair… In fact, looking back, I am getting a perspective on just how many days I do loose in a year through distractions, life and bits and bobs!

Last night I was warbling in my sound booth after coming back from the gym and having a shower. I was not able to reach top notes with big tenors! I was holding back – in case I woke anyone. Christiane had to explain “No one can hear you – You are in a sound booth.” Doh…. Maybe going for will help the top notes?

My body is tired at times. I’ve upped the gym work in frequency and intensity. At the gym the other day one lady said I was the Duracell Bunny . She said “The trainer says go and you just go crazy!” Maybe I need to eat more and drink more Guinness for sustenance? Can you claim Guinness as a health food? I’m getting a six pack though – so Christiane is pleased at progress!

But I should be doing more accounts right now and am too cream crackered to be bothered! Kettlebells tonight and then salsa. I need a holiday. (I know I can hear you – What a shame, poor you etc etc … yeah yeah…)

Love N

PS Have multi tasked and sent off photos to ISkate whilst writing this. So getting something done this afternoon. Oh and spruced up a couple of lyrics too. I have a.. stop now… OK… bye for now…



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