It is Mother’s Day in Britain today. An artificial construct of Hallmark cards I am told designed way back to sell their wares, along with Father’s Day, Save the Possum Day and other day’s. Yet it has significance when you have grown up with it, an expectation of something caused by culture? The provision of an opportunity. Tesco’s this morning has a ‘bulkhead of buckets’ filled with flowers for those last minute chaps, such as yours truly, wanting to show their love and somehow realising that the flower thing works for the ladies.

I am studying to be a ‘Tunesmith,” as Tunemaster Jimmy Webb would call it. A key part of this is being wordsmith. So as I sit and face the page to write words for my wife Christiane what do I say? I woke up with ‘How much do I love you?’ as a line – so much pours out against this and yet… words are not enough sometimes, at least with the limited abilities I have in such matters. And of course this line has been done. I Google and find Keats – I thought it was him, Fanny Brawne (1800-1865) letters of love come up. Or perhaps against the need to really, really convey what I am trying to say here…. I can’t find the words deep enough. Seems like many writers have followed the starting path of the words. Does that make them less valid?

Flowers always help, their beauty somehow conveying what I, as a male of the species am trying to say. But maybe sometimes the lady can feel what’s in her man’s heart, even if he he cannot be eloquent in expressing it?… C’est la vie. God has blessed woman with the ability to ‘write the story’ of what her beau is trying to say . On a good day. So here is a poem that sums up my love for my lady and the love for you your man has too. Forgive our lack of Keatsiesque eloquence.


How much do I love you
How high the sky
How vast the heavens
How warm the tear
in my eye

How much do I love you
My lady
I cannot answer
But feel my arms around you
Feel my heart
And know I do
I love you

For Christiane on Mother’s Day 2011


© Copyright 2011 Nicholas(Nicky) Slater

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