It sounds like a Rock Song in a shop. It doesn’t sound like you Daddy. Much better than the other song you’re working on… Tiger Slater

Out of the mouth of babes. My son has just – a moment ago – commented on a track (a distraction) I created this afternoon with a vocal. A minute in with a verse and chorus and some tweaking of Logics new drummers. (Logic keeps crashing but hey ho and coming in and out on volume but Apple will get it sorted I’m sure…).

Anyway – a step in the right direction and an endorsement from my son! Rock n Roll.

Tiger also inspired a lyric last night called No More Bad Dreams as he woke up in the middle of the night with a nightmare and thought it would come back so I said “No more bad dreams…” as he went back off to sleep. Now it’s the base for a song.

My mother phoned too an hour ago. Nicky is that you? It doesn’t sound like you? May be the lack of wine, crisps, chocolate and coffee and singing five hours a day makes the difference to how I sound? I’m sure everything changed years ago!!! So that’s the only answer I can think of…

Creative juices flowing here… Hope you’re having a good day – and that Corbin’s doing well – come on Corbin.

Love N

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